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PINK STEREO – “The Good Things in Life”


Rising producer PINK STEREO brings us “The Good Things in Life” with his latest effort. The backdrop has a warm and sublime vibe that oozes nostalgia and solemnity with it’s rich pads and keys and soft drums.


Danny Miles – “Blue Velvet”

Canadian producer Danny Miles drops “Blue Velvet”, the single taken from his forthcoming debut solo release, Beautiful Music. The single has a cinematic and haunting feel with its rich samples and punchy drums.  The track is released as part of a 3 track EP Satisfaction Guaranteed now available via URBNET.



Neil Donkin – “Tempest”


Neil Donkin takes us into the “Tempest” in his latest effort. The track is tempered with punchy drums, a moody texture and pads with sublime xylophone and vibraphone combination. The track is taken from his new album, Beatborne.



DJ Unknown – “Toujours (Beat Tape Version)”.


DJ Unknown gifts us with “Toujours (Beat Tape Version)” taken from his 2023 release Prisoners of Gravity.  He uses a layered soulful concoction made up of lush pads, keys and scenic textures over soft drum grooves to create a perfect ambiance for listeners to rock with.






Terror Firma – “Two Mile Walk”


Dunedin, New Zealand-based La Mesa, California-born producer Terror Firma returns with his new single “Two Mile Walk”. The track starts with crunchy drum breaks, and layered sample chops and it gives off a warm and nostalgic feel.


Ogi feel the Beat – “Dreamland”

Ogi feel the Beat comes through with “Dreamland”, the debut release of his compilation A light in darkness released on the Chill Ride label. The track is composed of ethereal pads, soft guitar licks, haunting vocal melodies with jazzy horns and ear-grabbing sound design that takes listeners on an epic journey into the unknown.



denada. – “Amber”

“Amber” is the latest release from producer denada who brings listeners into a comfort zone with his layered arrangement made up of warm keys, airy guitars and pads.


Le vaag – “Agistri Island”

Le vaag takes us to “Agistri Island”, a fantasy island where dreams could come true. Using soft guitar plucks, warm tones, mellow percussions and slow progressions, Le vaag catches the listeners and enthralls them with his dreamy textures.




driift x Lola – “if only you knew”

driift and Lola form the perfect alliance in this solid collaboration titled “if only you knew”, a soothing dreamy piece that is heartwarming and solemn at the same time.





vhskid. – “Vinyl Days”

vhskid. never disappoints and on his new release “Vinyl Days”, he taps into our feelings with this sentimental piece that would keep you warm for the winter time. The layered dreamy textures and bell-like synths gel perfectly with the choppy hushed drums and rich guitar plucks.




Navelpluis – “Kiri”.

Producer Navelpluis makes his debut appearance on our playlist with “Kiri”. The sombre tune starts with a solemn guitar riff, moody pads and soft tones all underpinned by chilled drums and sounds from nature.






Chad Nathan – “s e a r c h i n g”

Chad Nathan‘s “s e a r c h i n g” is as reflective as they come and he seamlessly blends slick guitar licks with mellow pads and drums to create a soothing ambience for listeners to bask in.




Tokoname – “Urban Serenade”.

Tokoname thrills our souls with a nice “Urban Serenade” made up of bright plucky synths, rich piano arrangements and soft drums.



Benny Brassic – “Azul”.

Benny Brassic pops in with the smooth “Azul”. The track has a choppy and dusty feel that gives off nostalgic vibes with a touch of soul.




Thomas Tempest – “Moonlight”


Thomas Tempest steps into the “Moonlight” with this lofi-jazz record that hits the mark. The horns play a focal part and blend perfectly with the soft piano riffs and moody pads.




Bequem – “a day at the beach”.


Bequem takes us on a stroll on “a day at the beach”. The track has a summery vibe and bright guitars laid with warm keys and soft drum grooves to boot.

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