Prolific VA producer Krohme is back with his latest project TWENTYFOUR: Season 1. The 8 track body of work continues Krohme’s prolific releases as he teams up with rappers Saga, John Apocalypse, Mike Tek, Indigo Phoenyx, Sankofa, Empuls, Wild Pigeon, King Chase and CM Lugo. The entire project is produced, mixed and mastered by Krohme himself who made it happen in less than 24 hours over 2 weeks of recording and collating the verses together.

The project begins on a cinematic note with “The First and The Last” featuring Saga whose commanding vocals cut through Khrome’s menacing soundscape like a hot knife through butter. Lines like “The population’s like the scene from The Walking Dead/burn the house down like a decapitated talkng head/Chaos theory, it is theatre for the blind, I Arkham Asylum footage jokers with a broken mind ” give listeners a vivid picture of the impending chaos. This “is followed by the dusty jazz-boombap production of ¿Qué Te Pasa?” featuring John Apocalypse. The moody soundscape is underpinned by John’s gruff vocals and expressive flow that modulates throughout the track and the sharp lyricism is something to notice as well. Mike Tek showcases “his verbal prowess in the menacing “The Embalmer” which is a dark and somewhat cryptic tale of the proverbial boogey man or monsters that creep in the dark. The fun continues with the scenic  “Lock Those Doors” featuring emcee Indigo Phoenyx who reminds not not to forget to lock the doors. Armed with her smooth and laidback flow, she sounds like the oracle sending out warnings to anyone who cares to listen. “Lionel Simmons”  is an ode to an American former professional basketball player featuring veteran emcee Sankofa and it’s a brilliant soulful jam that flips a classic soul sample to good use. Sankofa sounds at home and delivers a blend of introspective, bravado and wit that reminds us of his veteran status. The energy changes on the ominous “Since the Face Been Revealed” which has rappers Empuls and Wild Pigeon who break from the norm with a plethora of off-centre and graphic lyricism that bring things full circle.


The “last two tracks Crown Holder” and “Here We Go” feature King Chase and CM aka Creative respectively. The former is a display of verbal proficiency and a whole lot of bravado from King Chase who goes for the jugular over Khrome’s dark soundscape. The latter has an introspective jazz sample complete with pulsating basslines, head-nodding grooves and soulful horn passes peppered by CM’s paced flow and detailed verbal depiction of the way things are going.


At the end of it allTwentyFour: Season 1, is another brilliant effort by Khrome. The production is steeped in the boombap department but still varied enough to stray from the mundane. The choice of features is dope as well and each artist brought their A-game on the tracks.

Available now as a free Bandcamp download via Calm Bomb Collective. All sales/donations will be donated to Punks for Autism.

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