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VerseBorn x Flamingo Fred – “Competition”


VerseBorn and Flamingo Fred display true “Competition” in their new collaboration. Bolstered by an ominous and moody backdrop, both emcees deliver a blend of bravado and motivational lyrics that detail their inner struggles and the need for self-growth without the need for competing with others. In essence, it reminds us that our own competition is the spirit within.

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Rae.Dianz – “Gas”

Rae.Dianz shares her new single “Gas,” a sultry and sublime piece that dives into self-care and a considerate partner who aims to please. Rae.Dianz is quite explicit with the lyrical stylings and takes listeners deep into the mix of the sensual action on this one.

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KID TRAVIS – “Butterflies”


KID TRAVIS returns with “Butterflies” a heartfelt tale of blossoming love and the effects it has on external forces around it. From being anxious to face the girl’s scary dad and much more.

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Phrase – “Cheesecake”

Phrase takes us back to the essence of hip-hop on “Cheesecake.” Over a solid guitar-driven backdrop, he delivers an impassioned performance ripe with insightful and reflective lyrics that listeners can appreciate.

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Kovey Coles – “Shaken”


Experimenatl hip-hop act Kovey Coles thrills us with his new single “Shaken,” a smooth guitar-laden track that is groovy and ripe with insightful lyrics. On the track Kovey delivers a mix of reflective raps and melodic runs that dwell on balancing the energy given to fans, trolls, and even naysayers on the internet.

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Sorce Manifesto – “Audio Alchemy”

Sorce Manifesto comes through with “Audio Alchemy” a smooth lyric-driven track ripe with a gripping backdrop and display of super lyricism. The record is loosely based on and inspired by Paulo Coelho’s classic book The Alchemist.

Watch the video here.

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Monsieur Jovoni x MJ the Sensei – “4U Dummies”

Monsieur Jovoni and MJ the Sensei deliver this solid collaboration titled “4U Dummies” which showcases the duo’s lyrical prowess. Over a mellow and bass-heavy backdrop, listeners get a smooth back and forth performance from the duo.

“4U Dummies,” From the Album titled, Many Moons by Monsieur Jovoni and MJ the Sensei was produced by Monsieur.

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M3RCII – “Big Pup”

M3RCII holds nothing back in his new release “Big Pup” where he flexes his lyrical muscles and embodies the true essence of bravado on a bouncy backdrop laid before him.

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THT Cyrus – “Finally Free”

THT Cyrus’s new single “Finally Free” is a heartfelt tribute to those who just came back from prison and have turned their lives around. It’s a soulful and insightful piece that explores the effects of the prison system on families and Cyrus’s nuanced approach really makes it engaging from start to finish.

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09XXI‘s new single “CURRY GOAT” pays homage to Steph Curry and also a doubt entendre to the famous Jamaican delicacy. Over a smooth moody backdrop, he delivers a laidback and engaging performance ripe with melodic elements and a solid flow.



Jabali and AhhWill – “Free Throw”

“Free Throw” is an upbeat and bass-driven track from Jabali and AhhWill. The beat is somewhat moody and the lyrics show listeners where the rapper’s mental state is at and it’s engaging as well.


Cinoevil x Bronze Nazareth – “The Bluff”


Cinoevil and WU tang affiliate Bronze Nazareth team up for “The Bluff.” A somber and punchy track that captures the rapper’s vivid lyricism and laidback flow.


DG the Artist x Clayto – “Jersey Flow”

New Jersey native DG the Artist makes his entry on the list with “Jersey Flow,” inspired by his home state of New Jersey. Over a horn-driven backdrop, he delivers a smooth melody laced performance ripe with energy and a memorable chorus.

The ALTR x Luke Von x SADBOYMARKO x Jonathan Tumblin x LEXTHEGAWD – “Stardust” feat. 1Life


“Stardust” is a release by an LA-based collective made up of Luke Von , SADBOYMARKO , Jonathan Tumblin, and LEXTHEGAWD and featuring frequent collaborator 1Life. The track has a sublime dreamy texture and dives into the concept of tapping into one’s unlimited potential. Each emcee brings a different vibe to the mix from funny, reflective, melodic to insightful.

V Knuckles x Millyz x Fredro Starr – “G’z Up” prod. by Nasihat


Mass. veteran emcee V Knuckles (of N.B.S.) recruits rising fellow Cambridge native Millyz and Fredro Starr (of legendary group Onyx) for “G’z Up” a gritty ode to the boom-bap era and the G Code they abide by. Over a dark cinematic backdrop, each emcee takes time to break down the life they live and all the ups and downs that come with it. The song is taken from V Knuckles’s upcoming album Winter Warfare coming this March.


LAVL – “Big Talker”


LAVL‘s new single “Big Talker” lays the hammer on folks who force-feed you exaggerated stories about their imaginary life. Over a smooth bouncy backdrop, he delivers a relatable and engaging performance while poking fun at individuals who do nothing but tell fibs all day long.


MoCity Jones – “Wave”


Detroit rapper-producer MoCity Jones come through with this soul-infused upbeat jam titled “Wave.” Armed with his energetic vocal style and smooth flow, delivers a blend of the old and new in a seamless manner.


Paavo x Chef Mike – “High Horse”


“High Horse” is a solid collaboration between Detroit-area producer Chef Mike, Paavo, and San Francisco’s illest emcee, The I.M.F. The result is a brooding cinematic backdrop provided by Chef Mike and a vivid lyrical display from both emcees.


Mob Dylan – “Shabbadapp”


Swedish rap duo Mob Dylan, Comprised of the duo of Jon Von Letscher (emcee) and Franz Novotny (production/melodic vocals) share their new single “Shabbadapp.” The record is a rousing and vibrant track that blends dark cinematic textures with fiery raps.
“Shabbadapp” appears on the forthcoming EP Bare Witness to drop digitally on 2/11.


Wax Tailor -” No More Magical” (ft. Mick Jenkins)


Legendary trip-hop producer Wax Tailor links up with Mick Jenkins on the new single, “No More Magical.”Over the cinematic production, lyricist Mick Jenkins delivers a solid lyrical display ripe with poignant and reflective elements.


bRavenous – “Deep Poetry”

bRAVENOUS teams up with hermitofthewoods for “Deep Poetry.” A fusion of gritty punchy boom-bap sounds, vivid lyricism, and a well chopped Nas vocal sample to complete the job.



Buck 65 x Tachichi – “Epigram”


Tachichi and Halifax hip hop veteran Buck 65 team up for the lyric dense record titled “Epigram.” The record lives up to the title with its offbeat and funny aesthetic as Tachichi and Buck 65 trade verses about Greek gods, BB guns, Super Nintendo, macaroni, pet giraffes, and more.


Ishan – “DND”


Boston-based rapper/producer Ishan comes through with the self-produced jam titled “DND (Do Not Disturb)”. Armed with his distinct vocal tone and fiery flows, he drops pure bars ripe with bravado and some reflective elements to boot.



Lyricist Project x Dakarai Spiritual x Nonfriction x Soul Sun Emcee x Simalee – “Self Titled”



“Self Titled” is a poignant posse cut that teams Lyricist Project , Dakarai Spiritual, Nonfriction , Soul Sun Emcee, and Simalee. Over a gloomy and stolen punchy backdrop, the emcees interweave their rhymes with personal lyrics and a whole lot of bravado. his is s solid track to end the list.

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