Uprising producer/instrumentalist Srge_ drops up his new instrumental album Crawl which serves as the follow-up to his previous release Landfill_Vol. 1 . Crawl is a 14-track body of work that combines experimental sound design and elements from Trip-hop, and electronics with scoring techniques.

The project begins with “Miniature Gren Alien”, a laidback single synth-driven beat with minimal sound textures. The drums are somewhat hushed in the first few minutes before changing alongside the scenic pads and airy leads that come into play. Just like the title, it has a moody alien-like aesthetic reminiscent of 80s sci-fi flicks.

“Aspen March” is an interesting piece that starts with an atmospheric pad that builds up quickly and the introduction of a metronome click arrangement and sparse drums. It’s for the most part, moody and simple. Next up is the solemn “Live”, the piano synths set the tone and the discordant pads add an off-center vibe to it as well. The drums are particularly clunky and I must admit, I am not a fan of it but it works for what it’s worth. In the “Conclusion”, Srge_ opts for a haunting lead, distorted one-shot bassline, piercing closed hi-hats and his distinct sparse drum groove that serves as an accompaniment. This sure sounds like it belongs on the score for a retro sci-fi horror movie.

Next up is “The House Chimes In” which comes with hard-hitting 1-2 drums, off-beat vocal synths and rich pulsating basslines. The producer doesn’t make many changes here and the track plays along with only a few subtle additions. “Crawl” has an ominous vocal hum, airy bell synth and an 808 kick drum that plays out of the centre and, to be honest, it sure feels scary and weird. “Offer & Treatment” continues in a similar realm but with a better-arranged (In my opinion) drum groove. The textures in the first half are atmospheric while the second half have a solemn and somewhat psychedelic feel.

“Episode” is an engaging piece with a frenzied drum groove and an overall urgent element to it. The pulsating basslines play along with the driving sound design and metal sounds that add depth and tension to the record. This is followed by “Schizophrenic Peasant” with its layered synths and mellow growl-like texture. The track reminds me of a scene with Hannibal Lecter The last track “Guv_C” has a video-game-inspired element and harks back to the 80s/early 90s pixelated games we all know. The plucks are energetic and the drums are gritty and give off that feeling of battling the final boss of the game.


The entire project is unique and different and other noteworthy tracks include the solemn “Vinyl Lullaby”, the ominous keys on “4th” and the distorted “Radio Antenna” which live sup to its title.




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