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Ogi feel the Beat – “Chill Project”.

Ogi feel the Beat drops “Chill Project” which is lifted from his newest EP Chill Project. The retro chillhop infused production has elements of classic hiphop with modern abstract and jazz elements as well.




Jah Born – “kinetic.” (feat. Darez)

Jah Born and Darez team up to bring us “kinetic”, a smooth lofi-chill beat ripe with warm pads, snapping drum grooves and an engulfing soulful touch.



Zank – “I Think It’s Starting to Rain”.

Zank drops “I Think It’s Starting to Rain”, a reflective and soulful piece that is made up of melancholic piano riffs, soothing textures and punchy drums.


the smooth kid – “Weekend Afternoons”.


the smooth kid shows us what “Weekend Afternoons” feels like in his new release. The mid-tempo jam is underpinned by jazzy horns, and warm sombre keys with punchy drums accentuated by pulsating basslines as well. Overall, it has a comforting and relaxing aesthetic that we all can revel in.


Hoatsin – “Reminiscence”

Hoatsin helps us “Reminiscence” in his latest release. The atmospheric track starts with a cool relaxing synth pad and the lush keys come into play shortly after with soft drum grooves to match.




MyceliumBug x Høxde – “Light”.

MyceliumBug and Høxde drop the new single “Light”, a soft and soulful piece made up of sparse drums, moody pads and airy piano riffs. The overall feel is melancholic and sad and it progresses into a hopeful aesthetic as well.





Eden Barel – “Club Supreme”

Eden Barel gives us some much-needed funky vibes with his newest release “Club Supreme”. From the rich guitar riffs, warm bassline, dark strings and cinematic horns, the track sure packs a punch and will leave your head bopping.



Nogymx – “Salt Wind”

Nogymx comes through on our playlist with “Salt Wind”, a warm and sombre piece that is layered, soulful and bouncy.



cola valley – “new year new me”

cola valley is onto something as he proclaims his intentions in “new year new me”. The track has a joyful and soulful vibe that is accentuated by the mellow pads, piano riffs and sublime strings that all come together like white on rice.




muukko – “When It Ends”.

Rising producer muukko returns to our site with “When It Ends”, a laidback and sublime piece that explores the emotions that come when it ends. It’s rueful and sad and also reflective.



Flapjaques x QuickNap – “jumping petals”.


Flapjaques teamed up with QuickNap for this smooth track titled “jumping petals”, a masterpiece in lofi-chill. The arrangement is dynamic and the mellow pads all seamlessly blend with the dreamy textures.





Greyware – “Far and Away”

Greyware takes us into a place that is “Far and Away” in this epic beat. The cinematic pads, and guitar plucks are sublime and exude that feeling of leaving one’s nest and exploring the world.







moon.walken x KJM – “Distant”

moon.walken and KJM deliver this awesome collaboration titled “Distant” and just as the title suggests, it’s a heartfelt track that taps into our emotions with its rich moody pads, airy guitar plucks and soft hushed drums.



smplsmth – “Safe Inside”


smplsmth aims to keep us “Safe Inside” with his new track. The laidback mellow tune is made up of waves crashing against the banks and the soulful piano arrangement and warm guitar plucks all come into play with ease.

Ogi feel the Beat – “On Point”


Prolific producer Ogi feel the Beat gifts us with this incredible lofi-chill beat titled “On Point”. He uses dreamy textures, warm pads with heavenly horn passes and soft drum grooves on this one and the results are soul-stirring

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