We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Utopias – “NEW ATLANTIS”

Utopias takes us into the depths of “NEW ATLANTIS” in his latest effort. The lofi track is inspired by the legendary mythical underwater city and it’s ripe with a smooth sound design made up of rich pads, warm guitar licks, rushing water sounds and crispy drum breaks to boot.


88FULLY – “Decoction”


Netherlands-based producer 88FULLY burns up the playlist with “Decoction”, a drill beat that has a bit of a horrorcore vibe. The textures are solemn, ominous and cinematic and surely give listeners an engulfing feeling.



Heitech – “La Brea”

Heitech delivers this smooth bouncy track “La Brea” to our playlist with much gusto. The drum groove is head-snapping, and the solemn pads and sublime arpeggios all play together with the woozy bassline to give that overall feeling of rolling down the streets with the top down and the breeze blowing.


See Level – “Possible”

See Level makes his appearance on our site with “Possible”, a solemn track made up of chopped vocal samples, warm pads and rich piano riffs layered over punchy drums. It’s quite engaging and has a nostalgic aura that comes with it.





Delhumeur – “444”

Delhumeur drops “444”, a moody and laidback lofi jam ripe with nostalgia-inducing textures underpinned by exotic sounding sound design with soft drum grooves.


Sebastian Kamae and Emulov – “Many Moons”

Sebastian Kamae and Emulov beam up us to a lofty comforting space in “Many Moons”. Their collaboration is a blissful jazz-soul/chill-hop piece that is rich, layered and sublime. From the pulsating bassline, warm chords, snapping drum grooves and a blend of live instruments with samples, the track sure delivers the goods in copious amounts.


ShudB – “The Crib”


ShudB takes deep into “The Crib” in his latest release. The experimental jazz-infused track is ripe with a rich pulsating bassline that is pervasive throughout and airy textures laced over drum grooves and sublime horn passes as well. Overall, its dynamic arrangement and use of depth add that live room aura to the track.




Alex Brinkman – “Cat TV”


Alex Brinkman brings together his skill as a classically trained cellist and his love for R&B/hiphop/soul on his new release  “Cat TV”. The track has a smooth guitar lick, lush piano chords, head-nodding drum groove peppered by rich cello lines that flow seamlessly over the track.



Védah – “Don’t fake your love”

Védah shares “Don’t fake your love” which is the second track of the instrumental album LIVING SOUL. The track is made up of a rich vocal sample and downtempo boom-bap drums and it exudes a solemn and reflective vibe.


Nogymx – “South of the River”

South Korea-based producer Nogymx delivers his new release “South of the River” to our consciousness. The track is a melding pot of sounds from lofi-jazz, chill hop, and piano accompaniment to exotic flute passes that come together to draw out our deepest nostalgic emotions.


NOA Producer – “Between Love and War


NOA Producer makes his way into our site with this scenic and ear-grabbing piece titled “Between Love and War”, The track is layered with moody piano riffs, dark synth leads with pulsating motions and soft drum grooves that all rise to a crescendo as it moves along.




Retro Utopia x Carl Weingarten – “Deep Blue



Retro Utopia and Carl Weingarten take us into the “Deep Blue” with their latest collaborative track. The soothing track has a rich guitar pluck, and soulful pads with mellow drum grooves to boot. Overall, it’s perfect for your meditative playlist.






Nuru MacNamara – “acacia snags


Producer Nuru MacNamara caught our ears with “acacia snags“, a summer-tinged guitar-driven beat with so much energy. From the punchy groove and pulsating basslines to the aforementioned guitar licks, Nuru delivers the goods on this one.



PandaBjørn – “Thoughts To Myself”


PandaBjørn takes us deep into his mind in “Thoughts To Myself”. The reflective track is made up of solemn chords, thick bass-driven drums and sparsely arranged guitar plucks that add an extra layer of introspection to the track.




Comfort Time – “Miyabi Moonlight”

Comfort Time‘s “Miyabi Moonlight” is the perfect evening accompanying soundtrack that aims to soothe the mind. The use of Exotic flutes, xylophones with moody strings and an engulfing bassline sure come together like hand in glove.



Berkan Cesur – “Resonance”

Turkish producer Berkan Cesur helps switch the mood of the playlist with “Resonance”, a moody and solemn track made up of ominous synth pads and sparse lead that blend into one another like milk and honey. The track is quite dynamic and slowly builds up as it moves along.



Late Night Tones – “Been A Long Time”

Late Night Tones‘ latest record “Been A Long Time” is a heartfelt and sombre track that will make one reminisce on the good times. The guitars are sad and heartwrenching while the pads add that extra reflective element into it.


deliBass – “Downtempo Bloom”


deliBass flips the energy with “Downtempo Bloom”, a futuristic R&B-infused track with experimental aesthetics. The groove is upbeat and the layered textures really drive the track and give listeners something different and soul gripping.


Pretty – “Forgive Me”


Baltimore, Md-based producer Pretty drops  “Forgive Me” off her beat tape, a track that makes use of off-beat piano riffs, and off-kilter layered sample chops over crunchy drum breaks. She doesn’t stick to the norm and the way she slices up her samples are pretty unique and engaging.




Astronomers of the Strange – “Nights For Incandescence”

Astronomers of the Strange presents “Nights For Incandescence”, an anthemic track that takes elements from classical, R&B with hip-hop. The violins are regal and the piano chords are rich and dynamic as well as the punchy drum grooves.


Védah – “Now you know”

Védah shares his new release “Now You Know” taken from his new instrumental project, LIVING SOUL. The record delivers that quintessential boombap vibe with it’s punchy drums and cinematic sample chops which rises to a plateau with a rousing vocal sample in the chorus section.


Dialekt – “The Collector”

Dialekt is the man who helps us close out this week’s playlist with “The Collector”. The lofi/soul jam is peppered with dusty moody piano riffs, smooth vocal scratching, warm pads and downtempo drums to boot.

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