It won’t be fair not to show love to the cats that work behind the boards. Cats whose soundscapes help push hip-hop to loft heights. So in the same vein, this weekly list sheds light on budding and even established producers who continue to push the envelope for the culture. So sit back relax and get familiar with these producers.
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Stereo Fear – “Around the Block”

Stereo Fear opens up the list with his lofi, nostalgia-inducing piece titled “Around the Block.” A nice blend of soft textures, exotic sound designs, and groovy percussions that make for a nice relaxing vibe.

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Funk Andrews – “lucid”

Funk Andrews second single “Lucid” is pure bliss in audio form. From the soothing textures, sparkling bells and warm basslines and groove, Andrews crafts an earworm of a beat that we all can rock to.

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Atrphy – “The Path”

Atrphy’s “The Path” is a multi-layered cinematic piece that blends ominous pads, thick 808 bass, and weird sound designs. Well-crafted for sure and very engaging.




KULMA – “Friendly Figures”

Finnish producer KULMA delivers some soothing vibes with this summer tinged beat titled “Friendly Figures.” From the soft drums, solemn keys, bassline, and nostalgic flutes, the producer sure gives us something to vibe to while we ponder on what’s next.



Neill Von Tally – “Raggio di Luna”

EYRST co-founder Neill Von Tally drops “Raggio Di Luna” (Moonbeam)” to celebrate the 5 year anniversary of the launch. He crafts a reflective beat ripe with lush soundscapes, neck-snapping drums and atmospheric sounds to complete the job.  listen to the entire tribute here EYRST 5YRS.

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Ekwal – “Software”

Ekwal makes his debut on our list with “Software” which serves as his 5th release. The beat has a very cinematic feel with its slow build-up and ominous textures




So.Lo – “Treehouse”

Turin, Northern Italy based producer So.Lo makes his debut on our site with this eclectic beat titled “Treehouse.” The beat is very nostalgic, heartwarming, and smooth with its neo-soul guitar licks, lush textures, and smooth groove. It’s definitely the perfect accompaniment for this strange summer that we are in.
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Don Wattz – “War”

Bay Area producer Don Wattz takes us to the “War” front on his new beat. He cooks up a dramatic jam that blends anthemic stabs, cinematic pads over hard-hitting drums. “War” is taken from his beat tape titled 100% Wattz.
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Ice Cream Cult – “mend wave”

“Mend Wave” by the Ice Cream Cult has a solemn, reflective vibe with its moody texture but the drums are bouncy so makes for an interesting listen.




MxRKxS – “For Better Or Worse [beat tape]”

MxRKxS‘s For Better Or Worse beat tape is a 25-minute long project that makes use of classic RnB samples and jazz elements.




Craz Digga – “Brazilian Fresh”

Caracas, Venezuela, Craz Digga is a producer/DJ who shows us some good vibes with his new beat titled “Brazilian Fresh.” He makes good use of a summery soul sample, neck-snapping drum breaks and excellent vocal scratches to get the job done. Get it on Apple Music//Deezer



Raads – “A Dream Night”

Raad‘s “A Dream Night” lowers the energy levels with it’s chilled and somewhat dreamy backdrop made up of ethereal soundscapes that sound like something from a retro sci-fi flick. It’s very relaxing and well crafted.Get it on Apple Music//Deezer//Soundcloud




Ess Be – “Voyage”

Ess Be returns to our list with another funkified jam titled “Voyage.” A cut that blends funk, futuristic elements, and classic west coast bounce. From the lush textures, ethereal pads, and throbbing basslines, “Voyage” completely takes us on a special aural journey. “Voyage” is taken from Ess Be’s freshly released The Other Side of Tomorrow LP. Get it on Apple Music//Bandcamp

Groove. – “Pixelate”

Groove. shares with us his new beat titled “Pixelate.” A mid-tempo bouncy track made up of various synths, solid drums, and sequences that weave into each other.
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Sbeady – “Vincent & Carlo”

Sbeady ‘s “Vincent & Carlo” is a beat dedicated to two kids of the same name. He makes a nice blend of soft pads, nostalgic keys, and mellow grooves to give the listener a sense of solemnity and innocent reflection.





Krisengebeat – “True 2 The Game”


Krisengbeat closes out the list with his boom-bap style that taps into the 90s era. He blends a soft piano riff, lush textures, and head nodding drums to create a solid vintage and dusty track that every hip-hop head would love.

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