We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Kubuch x Adam Dejnarowicz – “Morning Jazzpresso”


Kubuch and Adam Dejnarowicz team up for “Morning Jazzpresso”, a perfect jazz-infused lofi jam with lounge music aesthetics. The warm pads, sublime horns and slick guitar licks all come together seamlessly over the smooth drum groove and the result is pretty solid.



Haji Outlaw – “OH DEBBIE!”


Haji Outlaw delivers “OH DEBBIE!”, an anthemic beat to our playlist. The track is ripe with rich vocal samples, drum fills and cinematic stabs that play together in a seamless manner.



Amor Experientia – “Bloom”


Amor Experientia helps shake up the list with an experimental track titled “Bloom”. The track is a blend of orchestral elements with electronic aesthetics and a touch of soulful lofi stylings. The slow groove, reflective piano riffs, sad strings and rich synths all come together to create a distinct dreamy ambient that listeners can rock with.


Yabu Beats – “Crazy Shit”.

Yabu Beats deliver something different in the form of “Crazy Shit”. The bass-heavy punchy drum break is ripe with edy sound design and a somewhat scenic texture to match.



Simplistic Scientists 木火 – “It Gets Hard (Instrumental)”

Online-based lofi-band Simplistic Scientists 木火 bring something new and refreshing with their new release “It Gets Hard (Instrumental)”. The track starts off with a rich guitar riff and punchy boom-bap drum groove and a recurring sound motif that has a relaxing feel as well.



Thomas Tempest – “Soleado”


Thomas Tempest brightens up the playlist with “Soleado”, an upbeat guitar-driven lofi/soul piece that aims to get us going. The drums are lively and the soft mellow strings that come into play also add that aspiration element into the mix.



AMIA – “Del Mar”

AMIA makes his entry on our playlist with “Del Mar”, a warm and reflective piece made up of rich pads, sublime chords and soft grooves. Overall, it’s soothing and comforting.



cola valley – “it’s pumpkin spice season”

cola valley’s “it’s pumpkin spice season” is a soothing and introspective piece that is made up of sparse piano riffs, sublime textures and warm guitar plucks that take listeners back in time.




Audiorealm, J3VNFI – “I wish you were here”

Audiorealm and  J3VNFI team up for “I wish you were here”, a solemn and love-lorn tune about missing that special person. The track is composed of melancholic strings, sombre piano chords and soft reflective pads that all come together to create an emotional ambiance that is undeniable.


vhskid. – “Cinnamon Skies”

vhskid‘s  “Cinnamon Skies” is a soulful and comforting piece that is perfect for one’s meditation playlist. The overall vibe has a sublime and nostalgic element that keeps listeners locked in.

Barny Da Book – “Up Up And Away”

Barny Da Book takes us “Up Up And Away” in this sublime and atmospheric piece that feels like manna to our ears. The soft plucks, ethereal pads and arpeggios all come together in perfect unison.


Nuru MacNamara – “Hakuna Matata”

German producer Nuru MacNamara delivers “Hakuna Matata” as a reminder for us all. In these crazy times, we all need some form of solace and hope and this beat does that with its rich guitar riffs, sublime pads and soft drum grooves.


Less Gravity x DNTST x Jar Jar Beats – “Reverie”


The trio of Less Gravity, DNTST and Jar Jar Beats team up for “Reverie”, an aptly titled track that lives up to the solemn theme. The warm comforting pads, lush strings and chords all play along with each other like kindred twins


Cephas – “Criminals in Action (Instrumental)”


Cephas captures “Criminals in Action (Instrumental)” in his latest release. The track flips a classic soul sample and creates something refreshing. The guitar licks, pulsating bassline progression and crunchy drums all come together like white on rice.


Milli Beat$ – “Marina Green”


Milli Beat$ takes us into the “Marina Green” with this comforting and warm beat ripe with lush guitar plucks, thick bass-lines and head nodding grooves. Perfect for one’s study playlist.



Groove. – “FONDNESS”

Prolific producer Groove. helps close the list with “FONDNESS”,a warm and soulful track ripe with lush keys, sparse drums and nostalgia-inducing textures.

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