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Groove. – “Just thinkin'”

Groove. helps set the tone for today’s playlist with “Just thinkin'”. The record is as smooth as butter and blends elements of lofi, jazz, soul and chill-hop in a seamless manner. The grooves are paced and the horns play the background while lush xylophones and warm textures come into play as it progresses. The track is taken from the upcoming TrainOfThoughts LP.



Limikis – “Down And Out”

UK producer Limikis comes through with this reflective and sombre tune titled “Down And Out”. The blend of soulful and sublime textures and piano riffs all gel together and exude a contemplative and nostalgic vibe.





dopeman x Daddy Who – “Slow Down”

The German producers dopeman and Daddy Who got us pumped up with this vibrant collaboration titled “Slow Down”. Over energetic drum grooves, dark cinematic textures and mody pads, the duo delivers this urgent and pulse-racing beat that sounds like a car chase scene from a sci-fi flick. The crazy part is when the beat changes into a laidback boom-bap tune equipped with vocal scratching and chord modulations at the tail end. Totally brilliant from start to finish.


HoodyBoi – “The Bush”

HoodyBoi and Millenium Jazz Music raise the vibes with their excellent collaboration titled “The Bush”. The excellent blend of jazz, chill-hop, boom-bap and lofi textures culminates in an eargasmic piece that lovers of the genre would love.



Flapjaques x Dr Kaleidoscope – “sakura”


The duo of Flapjaques and Dr Kaleidoscope are back at it again and their latest release “sakura”, is a soul-stirring piece that taps into the symbolism of the tree of the same name. The sublime and layered production is almost an analogy to how ephemeral the nature of life can be.



Zenith Skies – “Rest”

Zenith Skies implores us to take some much-needed “Rest” in his latest effort. The mellow track is calming, ethereal and sublime all at once. The piano arrangement is well-crafted and emotionally punchy and the textures are soothing as well.




lst drm – “Whatever you dream about”

lst drm brings us deeper into our emotions with “Whatever you dream about”. The guitar-driven beat is underpinned by dreamy and warm pads with soft hushed grooves and slow-moving synths and soothing sound design to boot.

Spoken Thought – “Wanted”

Spoken Thought taps into the neo-soul/lofi-infused style in his latest release “Wanted”. The track is warm and makes use of mellow tones, lush keys and airy melodic vocals that weave in and out of the groove and layered tapestry.



rocomoco x The Hidden – “Nightflight”

rocomoco and The Hidden team up for “Nightflight”, a solemn and contemplative tune that is perfect for that long flight. The solemn keys, moody textures and soulful pads all come together like white on rice and give listeners an overwhelming comforting vibe.



Thomas Tempest – “Afterglow”.

Thomas Tempest‘s  “Afterglow” is a brilliant mix of sublime and ethereal textures, warm Rhode chords with atmospheric choral vocals that sound extremely heavenly. The drums are crunchy and the downtempo groove also adds an extra gripping touch.





Benny Brassic – “Purley Way”

Benny Brassic helps us relax with his latest release “Purley Way”. The producer blends sombre piano riffs, lush guitar plucks with ethereal pads and hushed drums to boot. The result is the perfect track to unwind to.




Ludwig del Pino – “Good bye”.

Ludwig del Pino s newest release “Good bye” started off with him playing a bunch of chords on his piano and slowly builds it up with soft basslines, sparse guitar riffs and a warm soothing texture to match the chilled drum groove. Overall the record has a bittersweet vibe that signals the temporary end of something dear and close and the overwhelming lovelorn feeling that comes with it.


Gruber Han$ – “Gothicary”

Gruber Han$ caught our attention with this multi-genre instrumental titled “Gothicary”. We get hints of lofi, electronic music with gothic and cinematic vibes from the sublime vocal samples, sizzling synths, dark textures and punchy grooves.



Ogi feel the Beat – “Dimensional Reconstruction”


Ogi feel the Beat brings something different and eclectic in his newest release “Dimensional Reconstruction”, The track is as cinematic as they come and slowly builds with its ambient and dark moody textures. It has a retro-futuristic feel and its reminiscent of the 80s sci-fi flicks.




Oatmello x Ornithology – “Rewind”

Portland-based producer Oatmello and India-born, LA-based producer Ornithology have teamed up to bring us this sublime piece titled “Rewind”. The track is sparse, dreamy and somewhat atmospheric as well. The way the instruments blend with one another is seamless and it has an overall soothing aesthetic as well.”Rewind” is the focus track of Eternity, the collaborative album between  Oatmello and Ornithology.

Sir Henrik – “Terra”

Sir Henrik is preparing to drop a 10 track music release and in the interim, he shares “Terra” which serves as the third in the series. The track is quite chilled and relaxing with it’s soft keys, airy textures and mellow groove to match.



Sbeady – “Remember Me”



Sbeady returns to our playlist with “Remember Me”, a solemn piano-driven piece that exudes reflective and contemplative vibes from start to finish.




Akīn x Living Room x Phlocalyst – “State of Consciousness”

Belgian beatmaker/producer/ educator Akīn teams up with fellow producers Phlocalyst and Living Room for this relaxing beat titled “State Of Consciousness”. The production makes use of soft pads, synths and hushed drums to create a solemn and somewhat psychedelic ambience that is also soothing.



Les Loups x Vanilla – “Elephant & Ivory (Vanilla’s Version)”

Producer Vanilla revamps Les Loups’ classic song “Elephant & Ivory” into his own image. The piece is ripe with a head-nodding drum groove, smooth warm pads, lush keys and layered sample chops as well. Overall, it has a summery and bright vibe that we all can rock.

Gxldxn Fxnch – “Lost In Thought” feat. Brandonlee Cierley


Gxldxn Fxnch and Brandonlee Cierley create this smooth jazz-soul-lofi piece titled  “Lost In Thought”. The track has a nostalgic feel and is ripe with sublime horn passes, rich keys and a smooth bossa-nova-type groove.

Stabilisers – “Moonlit Treehouse”


UK producer Stabilisers take us up to the “Moonlit Treehouse” in his new release. The track begins with a soft piano chord and sounds of owls hooting which slowly builds up into a layered piece made up of staggered grooves and airy textures.


Tokoname x Starburst Records – “Midnight Thoughts”


Tokoname and Starburst Records are at it again with “Midnight Thoughts”, a solid lofi study instrumental made up of warm basslines, lush keys and soft drum grooves to boot. The guitar plucks also come into play to add that extra soothing element to the entire mix.

intomuffins – “Slow Down”

intomuffins‘s “Slow Down” blends jazzy flute passes with rich guitar riffs over smooth drum grooves for this one. The result is cinematic and transports listeners into a world where things are calm and pressures are removed from one’s shoulders.



Giusep_ – “You should be here”


French beatmaker Giusep_ helps close this week’s list with the solemn “You should be here”. The track has a slow build-up leading to mellow tones, lush riffs and soft grooves that all come together to give listeners a smooth blend of nostalgia and comfort

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