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HENRY FRANCK delivers his latest workout-focused track “CRUNCH TIME” on our playlist. The track is a hard-hitting track ripe with brass stabs, dark piano progressions, sizzling synths and rumbling trap drum groooves to complete the job.





billy winters x Already Legends – “smooth water cypher (instrumental)”

billy winters and Already Legend‘s latest release  “smooth water cypher (instrumental)” sure live up to its title. The fusion of jazz, lofi aesthetic and vibrant trap drum grooves is brilliant and surely gives listeners something they can nod their head to during their various summer activities.


RINZ. – “Oakstreet”


RINZ. sets a new tone with “Oakstreet”, the track has a cinematic theme-like aesthetic and it’s quite nostalgic too. The guitar plucks are solemn and groovy and the way they move progressively is pure magical.







Lakiloop – “Salty Air”


Lakiloop takes us to a warm place with “Salty Air”. The track is a summer-tinged record with rich and bright guitar riffs, lush keys and a soft inviting pad that takes it up a plateau.







Lodesa – “From Barren Ground”.


Lodesa‘s “From Barren Ground” is a piano-laden track that showcases his versatility on the keys. The progression is emotionally powerful and the layered chords are quite engaging from top to bottom.



flwrchild – “dreamstate”.

flwrchild and bob le head team up to give us “dreamstate”, a smooth piano-driven beat that is both solemn and somewhat uplifting. The piano progression has a bright texture and the warm pads also come into play and together form the perfect pair over the hushed drums.


Anthony Menzia – “Laugh Yourselves to Death”


Anthony Menzia‘s “Laugh Yourselves to Death” is a dark and off-kilter track that is hard to categorize. There are hints of electro, dark pop, and industrial elements. Overall, the sound design is pretty unorthodox and the time signature shifts every now and then to give an unbalanced and non-conformist vibe.




VILIFY – “Still Here”

VILIFY makes another solid entry on our site with his latest release titled “Still Here”. The track is a mixed bag of sounds ranging from experimental dark pop, lofi with a touch of future soul. The synths, dynamic sound design, vocal manipulation and off-kilter grooves are what make this pretty distinct.




Kiefer – “August Again”.

Kiefer announces his new forthcoming album It’s Ok, B U, but in the interim, he shares the lead single “August Again“. The track is a bouncy and reflective piece made up of rich electronic sounds with warm textures and was inspired by the specific yet universal feeling around missing an ex long after you expect to and is accompanied by an animated visualizer by Barcelona-based artist María Medem.



Astral22 – “Brixton 2AM”.


Astral22 takes us deep into “Brixton 2AM” in his latest effort. The track is a potpourri of sounds that take elements from R&B, Future Soul, Neo Soul and experimental elements as well. The use of progressive arrangements, dreamy pads and texture and a punchy groove is really the icing on the cake.



Odora – “Blusher”.

Odora is the music brainchild of Chris Davy , one-half of the indie duo So So Sun. His new single “Blusher” is a sublime piano-driven lofi track rich in hypnotic melodies and expressive arrangements. the mellow grooves, sound design and slow progression is quite engaging from start to finish




Oddability – “I Wish You Were Here”

Oddability, Sleeper Toons and Roadetrix deliver this new record “I Wish You Were Here” on our playlist. The soulful tune is nostalgic, solemn and reflective all at once and the use of rich guitars, soft keys and ethereal sound design is pure brilliance.



Sine – “Eden”

German producer Sine makes an entry on our site with his newest release titled “Eden”. The sombre lofi track is led by rich guitar plucks, moody ethereal pads and strings underpinned by mellow drums.






Steve Nguyen x Ricardo Schneider – “Peaceful Soul”

Steve Nguyen and Ricardo Schneider team up for some “Peaceful Soul” and just as the name suggests the track lives up to the title. The laidback grooves, smooth guitar riffs, warm keys and sublime pads all come together like white on rice.



Houis – “For a While”


Houis is currently working on his new album but in the interim, he shares “For a While”. The mid-tempo soulful track has elements of throwback R&B/soul and chill-hop. The track is made up of warm Rhodes piano, airy sound design, rich pads and a solid drum groove to complete the job.




Less Gravity x Lawrence Walther – “Bokeh”


Less Gravity and Lawrence Walther team up for “Bokeh”, a solemn and reflective track comprised of rich guitar licks and ethereal pads over hushed drums. The progression is quite engaging and the ebb and flow makes it pretty solid from start to finish.



Gary Alesbrook – “Rainfall”

Gary Alesbrook delivers this jazzy lofi track “Rainfall” on our playlist and it was only right for us to share it. The sombre pads, warm keys and sad horns all come together perfectly over the soft drum grooves and rainfall sample.




Bmbu – “skies”


Bmbu‘s newest release “skies” is a sombre piano-driven beat that is reflective and nostalgic as they come. The keys are promnent and the drums are somewhat hushed but add that extra bounce to the track. This track is the first of many audio-visual collaborations featuring London-based artist Elena Cruz in both the song art and the Spotify Canvas.


G.A.D & Shoji – “Infamy”

G.A.D and Shoji drop “Infamy” on our playlist. The sombre melancholic lofi track is made up of moody textures, obscure French vocal samples and a snapping drum to match.



Groove. – “TheScenicRoute”

Groove. and CHG take us along the “TheScenicRoute” in their latest effort. The laidback mellow jam has a soothing texture, subtle guitar riffs with moody pads and crunchy drum grooves to complete the job. This track is part of the Instrumental Album, Train Of Thoughts released by ChillHopGuru Recordings.



Beno Beats – “Darkside”

Beno Beats takes us to the”Darkside” in this new release. As the title suggests, it’s as dark and ominous as they come and gives listeners a chilling sensation from the start. From the melancholic piano riff and dark offbeat pads and textures, the track then culminates with a slapping drum groove.



Prod by TMCG – “Future Shock”

Prod by TMCG makes his appearance on our list with “Future Shock”, a genre-bending tune that has elements from lofi jazz and experimental styles with dark pop vibes. From the keys, strings, rumbling bass-heavy grooves and moody textures, TMCG gives us something different and off-kilter. The title track from his album Future Shock.


Chinless Wonder – “Barco Verde”

UK bedroom musician Chinless Wonder delivers  “Barco Verde”, a smooth jazz-infused lofi hip-hop tune that has summer and nostalgic vibes. The keys are dusty and the horns all come together like hand in glove and a soft drum also helps aide the groove.

This is the first single of his upcoming EP, “Tamarind.

Trashcan Willie – “Blapped”


Oakland California-born, Columbia South Carolina-based producer Trashcan Willie help us shut down the list with “Blapped”. The aptly titled track hits the mark with hard-hitting drums, menacing keys and blaring horns taped by military drum rolls and cinematic effects to match.

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