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Jomy – “House Plants”


Jomy shares new instrumental titled “House Plants” taken from his forthcoming project entitled Coffee breaks Vol. 2. The track has warm somber tones with lush guitar riffs, lush keys, layered pulsating bass, and sparsely arranged drums. It gives off a feeling of homeliness and nostalgia as well.








Danijel Zambo – “Stranger Things Theme – Remix”

German producer Danijel Zambo delivers his own take on the “Stranger Things Theme ” and revamps it in his own way. He keeps the original vibe intact and adds in some mellow textures and punchy drums to invigorate the soul-stirring melody a bit.



Soulful Playground – “Just Be (You Don’t Have Anything To Prove To Your Mother Now)”

Producer/artist Chris Vermillion‘s newest musical project Soulful Playground aims to die into eclectic and off-kilter sounds and the new single titled “Just Be (You Don’t Have Anything To Prove To Your Mother Now)” is a somber piano-laden lofi track that really exudes nostalgia and somber feelings. From the duty mellow tones, punchy drums, and a vocal sample that reinforces the theme, the track delivers the goods.



ONLYist – “Negrohemian”


ONLYist makes his entry on our site with “Negrohemian”, a bass-heavy cinematic beat that is underpinned by moody and ethereal sound design and textures. The drums are punchy and sparsely arranged but the ebb and flow really makes them dynamic



Ulle Kamelle – “Evolving into a renegade”


German producer Ulle Kamelle returns with “Evolving into a renegade”. A guitar-laden beat is ripe with moody strings, airy vocal runs, and atmospheric synths layered over smooth drum grooves. The track really switches up with short transitions and breakdowns with vocal samples to signify a change of pace.




LHW – “Minted Floss”


“Minted Floss” is Yellow Couch Recordings’ debut for producer and musician LHW. The track is a smooth mellow jam ripe with lush solemn piano riffs and a thick pulsating bassline provided by Loisel Machín Rodriguez. Overall it has a melancholic and reflective vibe




Vendog Millernaire – “Run Away”


Vendog Millernaire makes his entry on our site with his off-kilter production style. His new release titled “Run Away” is a sparse and somewhat gloomy beat made up of ethereal strings, bell synths, and muddy 808 drums. It slowly builds up into a frenzy as it progresses as well.



S.E.G Chris – “MPK 6”


S.E.G Chris makes his entry on our site with “MPK 6”. The piano-driven beat is soulful and reflective and is backed by punchy sparsely placed drum patterns. The piano riff reminds me of Jay-Z’s “Dead Presidents II” in some way. The progression is evident too as new instruments like the synth-stabs and moody strings come into play as it moves along.
“MPK 6” is from the Seven Entertainment Group lo-fi EP. S.E.G Chris (Chris Neal) is the Founder/Owner of 2018 launched Seven Entertainment Group. He is a certified Sound Engineer, Producer, Professional Artist/Producer-Songwriter, and Navy Electrician.




Grizzly Beatz – “Drumwork”


LA-based producer Grizzly Beatz drops something new in the form of this hard-hitting beat titled “Drumwork”. True to the title, the record is made up of a solid drum groove that knocks hard and an ominous texture to boot. This is perfect for freestylers and storytellers. Grizzly Beatz is an American Hip Hop Producer from Los Angeles, CA. He has produced for Curren$y, Dizzy Wright, Gatorade, Chief Kamachi, Hopsin, Nike, and more.



Live From The Crematorium – “Trip To The Moon”


British producer Live From The Crematorium ramps up the energy with this vibrant record titled “Trip To The Moon”. The drums are quite fiery and rousing at certain points and drop off at other points to create space for the dreamy electronic sounds and somewhat ominous textures used. There is so much to unwrap on this one as the progression is quite engulfing and gives different vibes as it moves along.



Stardog Lofi, ShoPaRo – “Greetings from the Lunar Café”


UK producers Stardog Lofi and ShoPaRo send their “Greetings from the Lunar Café”. This lofi beat is ripe with soulful and wide dynamics made up of smooth nostalgic textures and a solid drum groove to boot.



Lipphead – “Don’t Worry Be Horny”

Lipphead is a production duo made up of Blockhead and Eliot Lipp and they make their entry on our site with the cheeky title track “Don’t Worry Be Horny”. The track is a vibrant and bouncy tune made up of layered textures, a funny vocal sample, and pulsating brass riffs. This is the second single from their debut album In The Nude.




Elaquent – “Smell the Flowers” (feat. Seb Zillner)


Canadian producer Elaquent teams up with instrumentalist Seb Zillner) for his new single “Smell the Flowers” which is a precursor to his sixteen-track LP, ‘Long Drives to Nowhere‘, on June 17, 2022, via URBNET. “Smell the Flowers” is a brilliant mix of lofi, and jazz with hip-hop sensibilities. The bassline is warm, the drums are punchy and the mellow soulful textures are underpinned by lush strings, crisp keys, and airy horns to match.

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