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vhskid. x Lawrence Walther – “Another Day”

The duo of vhskid. and Lawrence Walther team up for “Another Day”, a dreamy and solemn tune that exudes soothing aesthetic with its soft guitar runs, lush pads and mellow piano arrangements.



Cloudchord – “Disco Fizz”

Cloudchord is a producer, guitarist, and genre-bending maestro whose new release “Disco Fizz” caught our attention. The funk-soul effort has hints of pop and disco as well and the arrangement is silky, and crisp and exudes nostalgic energy that lovers of funk-laden instrumentals would love. The track is taken from his new full-length LP Bloom Bap via Nettwerk.



JANLUK – “Interstellar”.

JANLUK‘s “Interstellar” is a moody and atmospheric piece that is layered with dark, and ethereal sounds that aim to transport listeners through deep space and time to a world beyond the milky way.


Secret Spot x saikai – “untold stories”

“untold stories” is a cross-continental collaboration between Australia’s Secret Spot and Singapore producer saikai who team up to deliver us a soul-gripping piece that is perfect for that cool evening relaxation playlist.


Hak Black – “When Autumn Blows – Instrumental”.

Hak Black gives us hope with “When Autumn Blows – Instrumental”, a soulful beat ripe with lush guitarlicks, and sublime pads with a slapping bass rhythm over soft drum grooves.

Audio Dope – “Drunk”

Swiss producer Audio Dope makes an entry on our site with “Drunk”, a piano-laden chill-hop tune ripe with soft drums, pulsating bass rhythms and soft pads to match. He even throws in a screwed vocal sample for the chorus.

Joe Sunrise x Saiko – “Old Photos”

Joe Sunrise and Saiko team up for “Old Photos”, a nostalgic piece made up of heavenly flutes, and warm pads with soft head-nodding drums. The track sure lives up to its title and offers listeners a blissful listening experience into the past.

Hero Dog – “chlorophyll”.


Hero Dog‘s new release “chlorophyll” sure has an odd title but the track is pretty distinct itself. He makes use of a woozy and psychedelic synth loop and laces it with surreal sound effects and design that keeps listeners locked in.


moon.walken – “bonne soirée”


moon.walken bid us “bonne soirée” with this introspective piece. The production is laidback and exudes a summer vibe all through with its lush guitar licks and somewhat moody pads.


MonoCulture – “Dreamy thoughts”.

MonoCulture brings us into an atmospheric world in “Dreamy thoughts”. Using surreal arpeggios and a streamlined synth pad, he creates a soothing piece that is immersive and reflective all at once.


LVNT – “Last Summer”

LVNT’s “Last Summer” is a journey through time and space to a period of pure bliss. The keys are centred and exude a life on their own while the wobbly synths and soft percussions help accentuate the expressiveness.



Distant.Face – “Babooshka”.


Distant.Face’s”Babooshka” helps relax our tense spirits with its soft sparkling piano progressions, sparse arrangement and ethereal pads and warm basslines.


Lofi Kitty Cat – “Coffee Cat”.

“Coffee Cat” is a mid-tempo jazz-soul tune from Greek producer Lofi Kitty Cat. The tune is chilled and has a multi-layered vibe with it’s mellow strings, lush guitar plucks and pulsating basslines.


Lea Marin – “Don’t Know Why”


Lea Marin comes through with “Don’t Know Why”, a playful and uplifting track made up of bright guitar riffs, mellow pads and chilled head nodding drum grooves.


Lofiichild – “Naruto Sadness and Sorrow Lofi”.


Lofiichild brings something different to the list with “Naruto Sadness and Sorrow Lofi”. His take on the classic theme is unique and captures the true essence of the original with added drums that accentuate the punchiness.


Furu – “Stargaze”.

Norway’s Furu caught our ears with “Stargaze”, a brilliant piece that blends airy strings, and soft piano progressions with nature sound design together. The result is as blissful as they come.


MonoCulture – “Everything will be alright”.

“Everything will be alright” is a chilled and relaxing beat from Germany’s MonoCulture. He brings together soft keys that cascade soulful pads and crisp guitar licks to match.


sleeping with shoes on – “yearspassingby”

sleeping with shoes on got us in our feels with “yearspassingby”, a solemn and melancholic piece that is made up of soft keys, woozy effects and a soulful backing vocal to match.


L O F I L U V – “Somberessence”


L O F I L U V‘s “Somberessence” is a perfect addition to our list as it brings an uplifting and dreamy feel to it. The use of ethereal pads, mellow airy synths and soft vocal runs sure blend together.


Pokesh – “Evening Camp”

Pokesh‘s “Evening Camp” is as reflective as they come and the use of moody pads with soft tones sure works with the mellow grooves and shifting melodies.


Milo Who – “Sweet Spring”


Swedish producer Milo Who gives us “Sweet Spring” in audio form with this solemn and nostalgia-inducing piece. The soft piano progressions are sublime and keep growing as the song progresses.


Sleep Powder – “Wisteria”

British producer Sleep Powder delivers the perfect playlist closure with this soulful and blissful tune titled “Wisteria”. Over warm textures and lush piano progressions with airy horns and soft drum grooves.

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