We are still dedicated to showcasing the best tracks/videos from the underground by searching far and wide in order to bring you our weekly list. It’s a tough job as we sift through a ton of high-quality tracks just to settle for just 5 so we switched it up so now we curating the Top 10 Submissions. Now that is what we call dedication, so sit back relax and get familiar with these acts.
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GRAMMY Award-winning musician and artist Salvador Santana has teamed up with his longtime friend and musical peer Asdru Sierra of the GRAMMY Award-winning group Ozomatli for a new collaborative project, RMXKNZ (pronounced “remix-icans”). Their new single “Canvas” showcases the duo’s characteristic upbeat hip-hop styles that blend funk-jazz elements and a head-nodding hip-hop groove. The song presents listeners with an imagined blank canvas onto which they could paint the world they want to inhabit. As the duo’s first-ever original song, the feel-good “CANVAS” establishes the RMXKNZ sound and ethos: conscious music to ignite change.

“CANVAS” is takenn from the duo’s upcoming eponymous LP.


AYLØ – “Sassy”

Alté rising star AYLØ is back with a brand new jam titled “Sassy” which features Fasina and PyschoYP. “Sassy” is a smooth, alluring cut that pays homage to females with the upbeat energy and glow that mesmerizes their admirers. “Sassy” is a follow up to his last single “Paris” and both are taken from his upcoming mixtape ‘DNT DLT’.



Mob Bounce – “Sounds Of You”

Northern BC raised duo Mob Bounce is made up of two avid hip-hop lovers who go by the monikers The Northwest Kid (Gitxsan) and Travis Hebert aka Heebz the Earthchild (Cree/Metis). Their latest release titled “Sounds Of You” is a hard-hitting gem that fuses trap, dance, and eclectic sounds as the duo deliver a gripping performance. The super dynamic track combines Mob’s lyrical rap force with driving drums, reggaeton rhythms and EDM/hip-hop elements making it a solid summer jam laced with positive lyrics as the duo speak truth to power while encouraging the listener to do same.

“Sounds of You” is the second single from Mob Bounce‘s new EP, Transformation. Stream the single on all DSPs here



Sinsier – “We$tSide”

Rising Maryland artist, Sinsier makes a splash on our top 10 submission list with the video of his single “We$tSide”. The song is a homage to the classic 90s Westcoast funk style and sees Sinsier speak on how the west influenced him in many ways.
He further adds that “Westside” was inspired by his first time being in LA and experiencing the culture out there. The video is directed by Tiara Imani and shows Sinsier in different popular spots in LA.

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Casey Cope – “Palm” (feat. Big Soda).

Artist/producer Casey Cope teams up with Big Soda on his new song titled “Palm”. A soul-laden, vibrant track that dwells on self-discovery and the passion to follow ones goals beyond all the distractions that may come from the surroundings. The San Leandro, CA-based artist creates most of his music with collaborator Big Soda which leads to an eclectic array of sounds not commonly heard in hip hop.

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ThinkLess – “Levelin’ Up”

Alternative rap duo ThinkLess really think out loud on their new song titled “Levelin’ Up”. Over a solemn, mellow soundscape they talk about how they really hate their jobs and how they feel stuck in this never-ending cycle called life.
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Libretto & Buscrates – “The Struggle” ft. Vursatyl.

Libretto & Buscrates tap the vocal talents of Vursatyl on their new poignant record titled “The Struggle”. Over a solemn, smooth texture, the rappers Libretto & Vursatyl trade verses about the struggle and tribulations the both go through in life. Libretto kicks off the track with his new unique take on Biggie Small’s verse from the song “Everyday Struggle”. Libretto interpolates some of BIG’s lines to accentuate the vivid imagery he is trying to pain to the listeners. “The struggle” is a universally understood concept and both emcees break down the details of what it means to be oppressed in America.
“The struggle” is taken from Libretto & Buscrates’ new LP Eternal Ridin’.
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Tash – “What A Lovely Mess I’ve Made”

Australian Singer/Songwriter who goes by the moniker Tash delivers her first single titled “What A Lovely Mess I’ve Made”. Backed by a minimal guitar riff and snappy drums, the angelic voiced singer delivers an emotion-laden performance that hits the soul.
“What A Lovely Mess I’ve Made” is taken from her debut EP. This 5 cut EP contains an infectious body of work, All written by Tash and Produced by Mark J Feist (Beyonce, Mary J. Blige, Little Mix)



SilkG – “All In”


SilkG’s new single “All In” is all about the hustle and the natural hunger to survive in this concrete jungle. The laid back rapper delivers his thoughts on how he gets his bread in this crazy world over a smooth and cinematic texture.


My_Kayla ft. Dre Walton – “Right There”


My_Kayla shares a smooth RnB infused single titled “Right There”. Over a soulful backdrop, the rapper takes the listener on a short trip as she details her experiences in a blossoming love-laden situation between her and another individual. Both have mutual respect for one another and their secret relationship. Although they are involved with other parties, they don’t hesitate to be ‘right there; for one another. Also along for the ride is vocalist Dre Walton who provides a soul-drenched chorus to tie the vivid verses together.
My_Kayla is set to release her first debut album, The 20th Summer, as an ode to storytelling, real life, and the melodies of a hip-hop Summer.
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