The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Fox Spirit – “Future”.


Fox Spirit delivers his new single “Future”, an uplifting and reflective record that dwells on overcoming the lack of individuality living in such a homogenous country (Japan) through genuine love for others and passion. He attains this by using his musical style as his point of reference and gives listeners something to grow on with lines like “Tell me what you seek and I will look for you. If you want to dream I will fight the truth.”




G. Dot – “Fresh 2” (feat. Cha Cha)

G. Dot comes through with “Fresh 2” feat. Cha Cha. The silky single is as silky as they come and its bolstered by a lush backdrop from Strobe and sees G.Dot and Cha-Cha spitting love-laden verses from their respective perspectives, and they deliver a brilliant performance with unique, cadence-shifting deliveries



My_Kayla – “Do What You Love (Freestyle)”

My_Kaylareturns to our site with “Do What You Love (Freestyle)”, an anthemic horn-laden tune that is ripe with her fiery flow and unapologetic lyrics about loyalty.

Uncle TreY – “Love Lost”

Uncle TreY‘s newest release “Love Lost” is a reflective and solemn tune that explores betrayal and the different stages of confusion, grief and acceptance. Over a moody and cinematic backdrop provided by JabariOnTheBeat, He pours his heart on wax and finds the strength to move on from the situation. Joining him on the track are Sha Sweetz and Chase benjamins who both add their candid thoughts on wax.

Kapable – “Self Made”

Emerging rapper Kapable‘s “Self Made” is a self-produced anthemic tune that displays his fiery rap style and production prowess. Over a solemn and melancholic backdrop, he runs through the many hurdles he had to face to get to where he is. He acknowledges that he had to do it all by himself with no handout and learning on the job.


Saif – “Motif”.

Dhaka, Bangladesh-born Sydney-based rapper Saif paints vivid pictures with his new release titled “Motif”. Over a soulful and reflective backdrop, the rapper gets into the zone with his smooth flow and heartfelt storytelling that gives listeners a glimpse into his not-so-rosy background and his undying hustle spirit which has brought him out of the doldrums.




Kiseme – “Owe It To Myself”.

San Diego, CA-based indie rapper/producer Kiseme makes his entry on our list with “Owe It To Myself”. The self-produced track is made up of sombre piano riffs and punchy boom-bap drums. Armed with his off-beat flow and vivid lyricism, Kiseme details how he wants to live his life on his own terms.

Kiseme is also a member of a collective called Can’t Clone.


Aroe – “Heaven For A G”.

Aroe’s “Heaven For A G” is a heartfelt and reflective tune that details his life growing up in a single-parent home and how it affected him in many ways than one. Over a sombre and solemn backdrop made up of lush keys and sad horns, Aroe gives listeners a glimpse into the events and characters who shaped his life.


Big Dese x Mike Martinez – “GOAT Sound” prod. by Mike Martinez

Big Dese and Mike Martinez present the “GOAT Sound” taken from their 10-track offering titled Tommy DeVito. “GOAT Sound” is as cinematic as they come with its dark textures and gripping vocal sample layered over downtempo drums and Big Dese’s authoritative flow and hard-hitting lyrics. Listen to the entire project on Bandcamp.


Yung Honcho – “Don’t Give Up On Me (remix)”

Yung Honcho gets into his bag with “Don’t Give Up On Me (remix)”, a smooth guitar-laden melodic tune that showcases his versatility. The backdrop is as sublime as they come and his knack for penning heartfelt melodic lines is undeniable.



Beedie – “Flight Risk”

Pittsburgh-based underground veteran emcee Beedie is the ultimate “Flight Risk” alongside Stealth Is Metal. The soulful backdrop forms the perfect canvas provided by Stealth Is Metal and we head Beedie in his element as he breaks down his musical journey through the craziness and the good times as well.





Concept – “Rotation”

Concept teams up with Apollo Black and SETTHETONE-T for this herb-infused track titled “Rotation”. Over a sublime and atmospheric soundscape, the emcees share their personal experience of using the herb and it’s effects.



Chuckfm – “Looking in the Mirror”

Chuckfm returns with “Looking in the Mirror”, a reflective and melancholic tune that digs deep into the artist’s own troubles. Over a sombre and soothing backdrop, he gives listeners a nuanced look into self-reflection.




S.I.N. (Survival In Negativity) & B.Positiv – “Solituud”


Baltimore mc S.I.N. (Survival In Negativity) and Portland producer B.Positiv share their new single “Solituud” on our list. The moody track is as reflective as they come and sees S.I.N detailing his thoughts on wax while using solitude as a form of therapy.


Joel Jungle – “How I Get Down”.


Emerging rapper/producer Joel Jungle caught our full undivided attention with his vivid raps and cinematic production. His newest release “How I Get Down” is a self-produced introspective tune that sees him painting pictures of the concrete jungle from the perspective of a young man trying to find his footing. Armed with a solid hip-hop foundation, Joel Jungle delivers a brilliant performance ripe with insight, bravado and relatable lyrics.


NappyHigh x Memnoc – “Intimate”


NappyHigh and Memnoc team up for this smooth and sensual R&B tune titled “Intimate”. Over a smooth retro-tinged and sublime backdrop, he delivers a soul-stirring performance ripe with detailed lyrics.


Lex Laurence – “Greatness”


UK emcee Lex Laurence proclaims his “Greatness” in this new single that aims to inspire himself and listeners to always push through and never give up. The production is made up of thick gritty drums and sombre guitar licks that form the backdrop for Lex’s fiery flow and insightful bars.


HueMen – “King”

Rap group HueMen deliver the single “King” and announce their official debut EP of the same name. The anthemic tune is made of cinematic and sizzling synths with thick 808 trap drums and is peppered with uplifting lyrics that address our collective need to recognize self-worth, acknowledge the royalty within and claim the inner kingship that we all deserve.


ALI the GREAT – “Blind”


As ALI the GREAT prepares to drop his 2023 EP MANGO, he delivers the lead single “Blind”. The track is bolstered by a sparse and punchy soundscape built on obscure melodic vocal and cinematic Sitar chops. ALI THE GREAT doesn’t hold back and drops pure unfiltered bars on this one.


J Nolan – “Lotto”


Atlanta wordsmith, J Nolan is in high spirits as he celebrates his personal success in his new single “Lotto”. Over a bouncy and somewhat moody backdrop, the emcee goes the whole nine with his fiery raps and heartfelt bars about his journey as an artist making strides even if it’s in baby steps. Produced by Major Seven (Rick Ross/Jay-Z, Future, T-Pain, etc) and King BNJMN, this song has an endless club and radio potential.



Dann Dib x r.em.edy – “Just Incase”


Rising Melbourne-based R&B icon R.em.edy and genre-pushing hip hop emcee/songwriter Dann Dib team up once again for a smooth R&B-infused track titled “Just Incase”. The record is ripe with sublime guitar licks and sombre textures, punchy drums and heartfelt lyrics that dwell on what-if situations.


BAILI – “Disappear”


“Disappear” is a candid and reflective record from emerging singer BAILI who caught our ears with this brilliant release. Over a sombre and punchy trap-infused R&B sound, she delivers a fiery and sultry melodic performance ripe with heartfelt and insightful lyrics that dive into her own demons and how they affected her relationship with that special someone.


emme oneill – “Drinking Problem”


Singer/songwriter emme oneill makes her entry on our playlist with “Drinking Problem”, a mellow reflective tune that explores the downside of being stuck in a fledgling relationship. Over the rich guitar-driven and solemn soundscape, emme reflects deeply to find the answers to the many questions swirling in her head but with no recourse, she is forced to find succour with a little bit of liquid therapy.


HarveyDent – “2 In The Sky”


Canadian rap duo HarveyDent come through with “2 In The Sky”, a bravado-laden track that is riddled with verbal body blows and limp bodies of the naysayers who try to bring trouble their way. Over the menacing cinematic backdrop, the duo goes tandem with the bars and ties it up with a slamming hook.


DJ Clean – What Does Love Mean? (feat. Oddisee, George Kilpatrick III & Courtney Bennett)”


Washington DC DJ/producer DJ Clean shares the new single “What Does Love Mean?”, a groovy funk/R&B infused tune that explores the dynamics of love. The track sees him teaming up with Oddisee, George Kilpatrick III and Courtney Bennett.


SGthe1st – “Showtime”


SGthe1st brings that summertime vibe with his anthemic single “Showtime” which is made up of a triumphant brass stab and vibrant performances. It’s perfect for your morning exercise routine.


Ominous Words – “Just A Dude”


Emerging rapper Ominous Words gets into a reflective mode in is new release titled “Just A Dude”. The heartfelt tune is as sombre as they come and we hear the rapper’s candid thoughts and a relatable premise that everyone can relate to.


Kiarrah Ireland – “Lock The Doors”

Singer/songwriter Kiarrah Ireland gets in her bag with “Lock The Doors”, an unapologetic love track that explores the what-if of a blossoming relationship. Over a dreamy and lush backdrop, Kiarrah delivers a sultry performance ripe with vivid songwriting that details what could happen if her crush exudes the right energy which involves mutual respect, love and trust.



Big Ferf – “All They Know”


South lake, Tahoe emcee Big Ferf help close out the list with “All They Know”. The sombre and dark track sees him in go-getter mode and he implores listeners to always stay focused on their goals no matter the hurdles they face.

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