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Kabashi & The Mic – “You Already Know”

Chicago based emcee Uran Kabashi and The Mic shares the video for their song “You Already Know”. A retro-tinged record (Produced by Kabashi) that shows solid lyricism and an uplifting message about the duo’s new movement in the hip-hop game. The video was directed by Peter Albright  & Kabashi. “You Already Know” is the first single from Kabashi & The Mic from their upcoming album ‘The Movement 2’. Produced by Kabashi, Scratches by Mike Spex. Kabashi is also one of the founders of Elephant Rebellion, an artist collective based in Uptown Chicago which focuses on developing socially conscious art with peers and Chicago youth. Download free here



Ghodsy – Say It Once.


Ghodsy‘s new record “Say it once” is a lovelorn record that showcases the artist’s melodic laced flow and songwriting skills. Over a mellow, solemn backdrop he breaks down the ups and downs of a blossoming relationship.
Writing stories since adolescence, Ghodsy brings elements of storytelling and imagery to his music. Raised near Seattle, Ghodsy grew up learning cello, performing in orchestras, and immersed in novels.
Currently, Ghodsy is in Los Angeles, recording in the studio and building his catalog.





Timothy Welbeck – Minivan Marauders feat. Stephen the Levite & Jered Sanders.

Timothy Welbeck’s “Minivan Marauders” (produced by Joshua Heat (J-Dot Music) is a very entertaining song that details three men’s perspectives on fulfilling their roles as devoted husbands and fathers. Timothy’s verse tackles that subject matter while also recounting an incident of racial profiling that resulted in him being pulled over with his wife and children in the van with him. It features Stephen the Levite & Jered Sanders.
“Minivan Marauders” is taken from on Timothy Welbeck’s latest EP entitled ‘Living Wage.’
The EP is available on all digital platforms (you may also access it here. )
Timothy Welbeck represents literally and figuratively. He is a Civil Rights Attorney, professor of African American Studies, author, and hip-hop artist who has crafted a stirring brand of music that is thought-provoking and relevant, honest and life-changing.




inHarmony – Messy Love.

Producer/DJ inHarmony pops up on our radar with the sultry record titled “Messy Love”. He crafts a lush backdrop for the emotion-filled vocals of singer  Louisa Laos who details an ethereal experience about being in love and then some. Get it on Spotify.



Da$Htone – Frozen feat. L.A. Van Gogh & Manasseh.

The nine-piece Chicago hip-hop group known as Da$Htone deliver some relatable content on their new single titled “Frozen”. Over a mellow, soulful backdrop they bring the listener close to the mix as they detail the ups and downs of life. They also linked up with Chicago’s own local legend L.A. Van Gogh and vocalist Manasseh who provides a befitting chorus to tie things together. This is something that would definitely make you reflect.



Trinisha Browne – Lessons.


Montreal based Afro-Trinidadian artist Trinisha Browne returns with another poignant track titled “Lessons”. Over a guitar-driven backdrop, she dwells on a very delicate issue of loving the wrong person and the fall out of that stirs her into a dark space. She further states that the “shit wasn’t even worth it man’ where she regrets messing with this particular individual.”



AIME – Flowers Started Dying Yesterday.

AIME shares the captivating visual for the title track of his recently released EP ‘Flowers Started Dying Yesterday’. The record juxtaposes the tender melodic structure of a love song with the brevity of life as AIME revisits the desire to succeed that connects all of his releases. Started is a two-part dance-influenced track. The track features two Afro-soul samples with two different vibes & BPMs but with the same message. The most energy on Flowers Started Dying Yesterday can be found on this track. Dying is the darkest track Aime has ever made. His words dive into excessive drinking, drugs & partying while both condoning & demonizing his behavior. Hard hitting trap drums & vocal samples help create an eerie vibe. Yesterday is the final track of Flowers Started Dying Yesterday. It returns to the same format as Flowers with an R&B sample, heavy chords, guitar & 90’s reminiscent drum patterns.



Mike SB delivers an uplifting record titled “PREACH”. Over a smooth trap infused backdrop, he talks about how hard he has been working on his craft in order to be successful. He adds “You’ve got to practice what you preach. You’ve gotta cut people off and dodge bullets daily. You can never give up




Static Res – Zero


Emcee Static Res takes some time to talk about his background and roots on his new song “Zero”. Over a mellow, nostalgia-inducing soundscape, he takes the listener into his world and uses the track as an outlet to let off the pressure.  To date, he currently has three albums out, with his latest Single ‘Zero” picking up steam on the internet

Get it on Spotify and Apple Music and Tidal Music



Pat G – Broken feat. Janis Nicole.

Austin, Tx emcee Pat G delivers a heartfelt record titled “Broken”. Over a solemn, soulful backdrop he talks about his upbringing and all the drama he faced in order to reach his goals. Along for the ride is singer Janis Nicole who adds that emotional punch into the song with her smooth angelic vocals.

Get it on Spotify.

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