SoCal’s rapper/singer-songwriter, Ariano returns with a gripping visual representation of his song “No Avatar (Show Me Who You Are)”. The record which featured Josh Dominguez details his frustrations with the way social media has become the primary tool for communicating. Sure it has its positives but the negative aspect is pretty disheartening.

The video directed by Gifted Glitch accentuates the dark side of what Ariano is talking about with its trippy aesthetics. The director’s team infuse “No Avatar” with a psychedelic otherworldly quality while accentuating the lyrics delivered by Ariano and Dominguez. They appear on a stage together as performers under the watchful gaze of a puppet master, a fitting depiction given that the song deals with the phony, masquerading ways we speak to each other these days.


The gripping single stems from his entirely self-produced new album, F… You, I Love You, Pay Me, which is available now through all major DSPs via Ariano’s own Popular Nobody label.


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