We are still dedicated to showcasing the best tracks/videos from the underground by searching far and wide in order to bring you our weekly list. It’s a tough job as we sift through a ton of high-quality tracks just to settle for just 5 so we switched it up so now we curating the Top Submissions. Now that is what we call dedication, so sit back relax and get familiar with these acts. Remember, don’t forget to support them by sharing their works.
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Flying Bambo -” Its Perfect”


UK emcee Flying Bambo opens up the list with her brand of conscious raps over feel-good soundscapes. Her new single ” Its Perfect” sees her working with producer The Cat Burglar who crafts a smooth canvass for some good old insightful lyrics.
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Sikh Wiz-Dum – “Dilemma”


UK emcee Sikh Wiz-Dum comes through with fiery bars on his first commercial release titled “Dilemma.” From the moody texture and boomy backdrop, he doesn’t hold anything back and goes for the jugular.



JÁNA ft. VanJess – “Green” (Remix by CHAMOS Official Majestic Casual Remix).


Stockholm based songstress JÁNA and VanJess collaborative track “Green” gets a whole new life by CHAMOS. The track has a dreamy sunny soundscape peppered by JANA’s sublime and sultry vocals. A solid track we all can rock to.


BurrLin – “Loyalty + Respect” (feat. Varsity Jerv & Varsity Vic)


BurrLin calls up Varsity Jerv and Varsity Vic for this drill collaboration titled “Loyalty + Respect.” Bolstered by the moody and driving production by Chris Rich, the trio delivers a fiery performance laced with bravado.
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4Sayken – “Gangster Love 2.0” (feat. Baliztik, Revus & Teezee)

NZ 4Sayken based emcee links up with Baliztik, Revus, and Teezee link up for some classic anthemic west coast vibes. The song in question is titled “Gangster Love 2.0” and its rife with lush keys draped in that smooth LA sunshine and dope lyrics.
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Mattiya x Espinaka – “Cat Night”


Mattiya and Espinaka‘s “Cat Night” is a blend of experimental soul, hip-hop, and more. Backed by a smooth moody backdrop, Mattiya details the story of a young gay man getting in trouble in NYC and slowly finding his way back from the craziness.
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Tekh Togo x Jumbo – “Bang for the Buck”


Tekh Togo and Jumbo go for the jugular with their new collaboration titled “Bang for the Buck.” The beat here sure slaps and it’s cinematic too and the verses come down like a hammer with vivid descriptions and wordplay too match.



SUMiT – “Ace of Spades” (feat. Fabolous)

SUMiT and Fabolous open up the bar on “Ace of Spades.” Backed by an upbeat trap beat, the duo come through with a solid performance. Smooth flows and wordplay all around.
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Patagonist – “Fate”

Patagonist‘s “Fate” is a heartfelt piece that details the trials and tribulations of a young black man in the year 2019. The topics range from falling in love to losing a loved one amongst other things. Bolstered by a solemn, reflective backdrop courtesy of Sounddesine, Patagonist delivers a solid performance as he pours his emotions on wax.
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Twitch 4EVA – “Chaskele” (Music Video)


Ghanaian artist, songwriter, and musician TWITCH 4EVA shares the video for his song “Chaskele.” The Rayf produced track is smooth and alluring and captures 4EVA’s sultry and catchy melodic runs.
The cinematic and emotive music video for “Chaskele” sees Twitch 4EVA collaborating with burgeoning video director Andy Madjitey to offer a compelling tale of black love and heartbreak, driven by stunning cinematography and landscapes – from its veiled homage to Black Panther, to how the visuals beautifully capture the Aburi Botanical Gardens in the coastal city of Tema in Ghana, to the contrasting colors throughout the story, the ‘Chaskele’ visuals rely on symbolism to show us how love and relationships can be an emotional roller coaster.


Dewey Da Don x Brandoshis – “2 Young”


Dewey Da Don and Brandoshis team up for this bouncy collaboration titled “2 Young.” From the lush textures, booming drums, and melodic flows, the duo brings that summery party vibe to the forefront.
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Ghodsy – “In the Dash”


Los Angeles resident Ghodsy reflects on life on the edge on his new single “In the Dash.” Over a smooth dreamy backdrop, he gives a glimpse into the fast life and how the thrill is gone and he is looking for something more meaningful.
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Covaboy – “Smile More”



DMV’s Covaboy wax poetic on life and pain on his new single “Smile More.” He makes use of a solemn backdrop to share his thoughts on the situation at hand.



Omo Nyame – “QUEEN: An Ode to Black Women”



Multi-talented Chicago artist, Omo Nyame shares a woman empowerment cut titled “QUEEN: An Ode to Black Women.” Armed with her melodic flow and insightful lyrics, she delivers a thoughtful and reflective piece that pays homage to all the black women making moves and also implores women to join forces as opposed to fighting.



Mr. Attila – “10,000 Hours”


Mr. Attila‘s 4th single is the inspirational cut titled “10,000 Hours.” Over a laidback, mellow texture, he delivers reflective verses about keeping the faith and having a work ethic to get him to the next level.

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