Austin, TX-based rapper Pat G, and his team The Justice League are a force to be reckoned with. Over cinematic and soul-stirring soundscape produced by his team, Pat G delivers a blend of thoughtful and personal raps that listeners can appreciate. Armed with a unique and commanding vocal tone and evocative songwriting, he takes us deep into his world in his new releases.

The first cut “Down” sees him teaming with Wild Prxfits and the result is heartfelt and no holds barred record that dwells on self-discovery and self-assessment in a world where nobody really cares. The production is punchy and employs Gospel elements in the mix while the lyrics are candid as well. The chorus is emotionally punchy and adds a soulful touch to it all.

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The second cut “Fight On” is a collaboration with vocalist Janis Nicole. The piano-laden anthemic tune is a tribute to those who fight on regardless of the hurdles laid in front of them. The production is quite spirited and punchy while Pat G’s aspirational lyrics help stir the inner passion in all of us to never give up the fight. Janis Nicole on the other hand helped tie it all with her gripping and angelic melodic runs

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