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Bugout x DJ Myth x DC the Midi Alien – “Enforcer”


Bugout (of Granite State, formally on ShowOff Records) is back with veteran producer DC The MIDI Alien (East Coast Avengers, A.O.T.P) and DJ Myth (Human Speakers, Rap Night) for a new single “Enforcer” off their upcoming self-titled collaborative album 69 Berkshires (Fall 2021). The hard-hitting track is ripe with rock guitar riffs, punchy boom-bap drums, and a whole lot of dope lyrics.
Right on time, in the midst of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, “Enforcer” pays homage to the early years of hockey and the players who were nicer with the hands than the pucks.
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The Urban Renewal Project – “Will to Survive” ft. Vic Mensa


jazz/hip-hop band The Urban Renewal Project shares visuals for “Will to Survive” featuring a chi-town emcee, Vic Mensa. The track is a rousing and thought-provoking piece that explores the theme of being the fittest to survive in this concrete jungle and life in general. “Will to Survive” is the single from The Urban Renewal Project’s new multimedia series Pᴏssᴇ Cᴏᴍɪᴛᴀᴛᴠs.



Manny Maserati x Champagne City – “MATH”


Manny Maserati and Champagne City drop gems for true listeners on the new single “MATH.” Backed by a punchy and dreamy backdrop, the emcees share their thoughts on the issue of being real and having integrity so every member of the team can win.



Drolly – “Broke Nights”


Birmingham raised trap emcee Drolly makes his entry on TWIB with this moody and punchy track titled “Broke Nights.” The record sees him reflecting on his past and his journey thus far.
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Dean Frost – “Social Orphan”


Emerging emcee Dean Frost takes us into his past on the heartfelt single “Social Orphan.” The record is quite upbeat with heavy drums, cinematic textures, and vivid lyrics. He delivers the verses with such passion and gusto as he breaks down his life as an orphan.


Smokey Smothers x Walt Trab – “Finest Hour”


Rapper/producer Smokey Smothers links with Walt Trab for the “Finest Hour” a lyric dense piece that showcases pure skill laced with insightful and bravado demeanor. Smokey Smothers is The Kenosha and Eau Claire, WI native who writes and produces her own beats since she was 9.
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illexotic – “Change Ur Mind”


Bay area rap group illexotic shares their new rap/pop-infused single “Change Ur Mind” on our list. It has an upbeat and uplifting vibe that is built on a bright texture, punchy drums, and a memorable hook to complete the job.
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Chuck Mercer – “Sideways”


Genre-bending musician Chuck Mercer delivers some funky vibe son his new single “Sideways.” The track is warm and is ripe with catchy melodic runs and an undeniable funky groove to complete the job.
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Trinisha Browne – “Insomnia”


Trinisha Browne comes through with a new single “Insomnia” for our list. The laidback Spanish guitar-laden piece showcases her smooth sultry vocals and distinct hip-hop-influenced melodic runs and it’s perfect to rock to.


Tommy Graves – “Picasso Hates Me”


Emerging rapper Tommy Graves makes his entry on our list with visuals for his heartfelt single titled “Picasso Hates Me.” The track has a mellow and somber vibe that fits the rapper’s persona and evocative lyrics about being different.
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YAYA 4K – “NEW GHOST” (feat. Wokke 4K)


Washington, DC rapper YAYA 4K shares a new single “NEW GHOST” featuring Rickky Wokke aka Wokke 4K. The drill track is a bravado-laden piece that showcases the rapper’s unique flow and vivid lyrics. “NEW GHOST” is the first official release from Rickky Wokke’s new label, 4K The Label
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Cas Metah x Sintax the Terrific x Dj Sean P – “Fan First” (ft. Stik Figa)


Cas Metah x Sintax the TerrificDj Sean P team up with Stik Figa for this insightful single titled “Fan First.” Bolstered by a smooth soulful backdrop, the emcees go back to the beginning of rap and share their early memories of hip-hop and then some.
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Omega Empire – “Automated”


Omega Empire brings down the verbal hammer on “Automated.” A punchy pop-infused track that showcases smooth lyricism and a smooth melodic hook to match.
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LEX – “Feeling You”

LEX shares a new single “Feeling You” for our list. The track is a seamless blend of pop, r&b and it’s catchy to the brim. LEX delivers a hearty and alluring melodic performance over the engulfing backdrop laid before her as she prepares us for the summer.
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CHARMAINE – “Double Dutch”

Canadian bop rapper CHARMAINE comes through with an engaging visual for her single “Double Dutch.” The upbeat track is pure vibes and showcases her art. The Spencer Edwards directed clip sees Charmaine flaunt culture and couture, showcasing her take on the modern-day renaissance woman.
“Double Dutch” is taken from her debut EP, Hood Avant-Garde, Stream/download it here.


ProQuo – “Buy Buy”


Mississippi meets Massachusetts as rap duo ProQuo team up with producer Legendary of the Freedom Corner Brand. The result is an upbeat reflective jam titled “Buy Buy,” where both Pro and Quokane do away with naysayers and haters and focus on the things that really matter to them.
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X1X – “Midnight Sessions Vol. 1”


Emerging rapper/producer X1X shares the visual for his new project “Midnight Sessions Vol. 1.” A 10 track body of work produced by The Stuyvesants in its entirety and features emcees like J. Crux, Crucial Cash, Chamz, Jamal Wallace, and more. The project is a showcase of lyricism, dope beats with different styles infused seamlessly.

Available in all digital stores here.




OXIDIX – “Margarita” (feat. MISS C-LINE)


Bern-based producer/DJ OXIDIX teams up with vocalist MISS C-LINE on his new single “Margarita.” The result is a lush guitar-driven piece that is peppered by alluring melodic runs. The backdrop is quite dynamic and the switch into the dub section is quite impressive as well.
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Beals L.E.S – “Grace Jones”


Beals L.E.S takes deep into the mix of things on his new single “Grace Jones.” A vivid track that makes use of video game references and more to describe the grittiness of the streets. It’s quite engaging and the drumless backdrop really enhances it.
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Antwon King – “Nothing Can Stop Us”


Antwon King‘s “Nothing Can Stop Us” is an uplifting and soulful gem that aims to motivate listeners. Backed by punchy and warm textures and evocative and inspiring lyrics, King sparks the fire in those who may be feeling down to overcome any and all circumstances. In his words, he calls this the morning anthem, gym anthem, study anthem, etc.


Matthew MD McCoy – “Thankful”


Multi-genre blending artist Matthew MD McCoy shares his new single “Thankful” which showcases his insightful pen game and rounded performance. He makes use of a solemn jazz backdrop to paint a hopeful picture for listeners who might be going through personal hardships. Matthew MD McCoy is what happens when roots reggae and hip-hop meet a professor of theology. Much like his tresses, he represents the intertwining of faith that liberates, rebelling against willful ignorance and injustice.
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Riggz the Lord – “Medicinal”


Riggz the Lord closes out the list with “Medicinal” a reflective and therapeutic track that sees him dwelling on the healing powers of music. He delivers a laidback and insightful laden performance over a smooth backdrop.

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