It won’t be fair not to show love to the cats that work behind the boards. Cats whose soundscapes help push hip-hop to loft heights. So in the same vein, this weekly list sheds light on budding and even established producers who continue to push the envelope for the culture. So sit back relax and get familiar with these producers.
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NXRTH ROAD – “Skyline”

Nxrth Road kicks off this list with a solid trap banger titled “Skyline”. The England based producer sure knows his stuff as he uses layered synths that exude a very gloomy and somewhat futuristic vibe from start to finish.

The Secret Whistle – “Creaks”

The Secret Whistle (TSW) is the musical project of bassist/multi-instrumentalist Forest Gallien and knob-twiddler/crate-digger Daniel Friedman. Their new record titled “Creaks” really piqued our interests with it’s solemn and somewhat ominous texture. It sounds like a nice blend of downtempo and lo-fi but the hip-hop element shines through enough.

“Creaks” touch on moments that are at times almost cinematic and at times intimately quiet, resting on subtle dissonances or overtones, while also not abandoning an interest in harmony as a boundary to use in order push up against it; thus asking at once for both extremely close listening and a distance at once.


Ssx – “Sun & Nature & Dying”

Talented producer Ssx really goes into the more experimental side with his beat titled “Sun & Nature & Dying”. The beat starts off on a very alluring and uplifting note but switches into a more somber vibe towards the tail end.

You can also check it out on Spotify below.

DefByMisadventure – “no.2”

DefByMisadventure shares a track titled “no. 2” off his forthcoming beat tape with us. He continues the trend of sampling Latin-tinged elements laced over solid drums.




Sciado – “bbb.jpg”

Straight out of Borgomanero, Italy comes young indie producer Sciado who shares his new material titled “bbb.jpg”. A laid back, solemn beat that intermittently blends chopped vocal samples, reflective chords and laid back drum patterns.
Get it on Spotify and Apple Music



Rob Blake – “Seven Keys”

Multi-talented producer/instrumentalist Rob Blake deliver some anthemic and vibrant vibes on his new instrumental titled “Seven Keys”.
“Seven Keys” is taken from his album ‘Soul Funk & Electric’.
Get it on Spotify





Prigida – “Sally”

Prigida returns on our list with a new gem he calls “Sally”. A solemn beat that exudes a very emotional energy with its solemn keys, lid back groove and warm textures.





Tyn – “Piano & Drums”

“Piano & Drums” is the latest release from Tyn who is a producer from the Netherlands. Driven by lush dreamy piano chords and thick synths, “Piano & Drums” delivers what it says with its minimalistic but engaging approach.
Tyn started producing in the early 90s using commodore amiga with a tracker-sequencer so that should say a lot.





Exyo – “The End”

Budding Orlando, Florida based producer Exyo makes his mark with his new beat titled “The End”. A mellow, gloomy beat that fuses thick synths, obscure arps over mid-tempo drums.
Exyo is actually in the army and completed this beat at the end of his deployment to Afghanistan with his free time, hence “The End” title! Get it on Spotify.




Charles Edison – “I Love You”

London UK based emcee/Producer Charles Edison shares his new beat “I Love You”. A blend of boom bap drums, neatly chopped vocal samples and lo-fi elements to tie things together.
“I Love You” is taken from season 3 of Charles Edison’s ongoing beat tape series; ‘Filaments.’ Filaments aim to marry classic elements of hip-hop such as roughly chopped samples and boom-bap drums with modern synth sounds and lo-fi vibes. Get it on Apple //Spotify // Tidal


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