We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Klewicki – “Human”

Producer Klewicki delivers a smooth electronic-infused boom-bap beat titled “Human” which flips a soothing vocal sample and dusty textures in an effortless manner. There aren’t major changes or switch-ups but it is engaging enough and the way the samples are chopped up is excellent.

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Matan Arkin – “Dirty Poetry”

German producer Matan Arkin‘s”Dirty Poetry” is a chilled, ethereal track ripe with obscure vocals, lush and somber textures that rise and fall as the beat progresses.

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Flvctvations – “Odious”

Emerging producer Flvctvations shows us the experimental side of his art with his new release titled  “Odious.” The record is ripe with ethereal synths, warm basslines, and cinematic pads that give it a retro-futuristic vibe.

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Hoopaloop – “Elevate”

Canadian producer  Hoopaloop takes us on a higher plateau with his uplifting track titled “Elevate.” He blends that standard boombap drums with lush and bright textures that offer hope in these crazy times we live in.  “Elevate” is taken from Hoopaloop’s new 5-track EP Prototypes, Get it on all DSPs here


Pete Mac – “Jungfrau”

Pete Mac gifts our list with his new release titled “Jungfrau.” A chilled jam that excellently chops vocal samples into distinct pieces over smooth grooves. The track is the first single from his upcoming album Boardwalk Grooves.

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J Fowler – “Space Jammin'” (feat. We The People)

Kansas city-based musician J Fowler links up with We The People for this smooth ethereal jam titled “Space Jammin” The record is ripe with warm textures, moody low tones and mellow grooves to match.



It’s Freeman – “Dark Matter”

West Philly-based producer It’s Freeman shares this banger titled “Dark Matter” on our list. The synth-driven beat is pretty cinematic and has rumbling drums that switch from rapid snares to thumping staccato phrases. “Dark Matter,” appears on his new project, Another Realm which you can stream here.




Imperial – “Flow”



UK-based producer Imperial is not green to the game and this is the first time he will be blessing us with a gem. The track titled “Flow” is a chilled, punchy lo-fi-infused piece ripe with a warm bassline, reflective textures, and swirling synths to complete the mission.



Tryptabeats – “Basara”


Canadian producer Tryptabeats blends the old and new on his new effort titled “Basara.” He makes use of exotic and cinematic instruments and layers them with heavy drums that switch every now and then.



Uto Paradise – “Cheap Drinks”


Zurich-based instrumental band Uto Paradise got us tripping with their new release “Cheap Drinks.” A smooth groovy beat is ripe with warm bass guitars, lush electric guitar riffs, and head nodding drums to complete the job. The instrumental is really cinematic and dynamic with the way the instruments glide over each other giving off an ambient aura. Uto Paradise’s members include Michel Spahr on guitars, bassist Severin Graf, Maxime Paratte on drums.




Shane Houghtaling – “verdant”


Emerging producer Shane Houghtaling delivers “verdant” to our list. A laidback reflective beat that is driven by smooth Rhodes chords, warm basslines, and chilled crunchy hip-hop drums. Simple and very effective if you asked us.
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Ogi feel the Beat X Ivano Bersini – “Fantasy (432 Hz) 2021 – Radio Edit”


Ogi feel the Beat and Italian instrumentalist Ivano Bersini team up for this cinematic and brooding track titled “Fantasy (432 Hz)” a blend of boom-bap drums, classical and cinematic vibes. The keys are dark and moody and the strings are melancholic on this one.
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PAUZK – “Happy Monks”


German hip-hop production duo PAUZK come through our list with this splendid beat titled “Happy Monks.” The track has a nostalgic vibe with its lush jazzy textures, horns, and crunchy drums.




Jeff Shadows & Low Key Trampoline – “Walk To The Sunset”


Instrumentalists Jeff Shadows & Low Key Trampoline take us to the light with “Walk To The Sunset.” A smooth reflective track that is ripe with lush keys and soothing folk textures that serve as the best relaxing music. It’s very therapeutic to the core.
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NXRTH ROAD – “Demons”


UK producer NXRTH ROAD caught our attention with his new release “Demons.” A dark cinematic trap beat with deep synths, rousing brass, and hard-hitting drums. “Demons” is taken from his Back to the Trap beat tape.
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Ace-T – “No Time To Stop”


Ace-T makes his entry on our list with “No Time To Stop” a blend of styles that range from rousing piano chords, flutes, and bouncy trap drums. The switch up and dynamics are solid.
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Stereo Fear – “Call Waiting”


Stereo Fear goes for a mellow and somber vibe on “Call Waiting” a beat that is ripe with dusty jazzy vibes. The drums are soft and the textures are alluring.
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Dude – “Up We Go”


Dude’s “Up We Go” is an upbeat jam that is reminiscent of the mid-00s. From the bouncy drums, sparse synths, and shuffles, the track sure is punchy.





Las Dos – “Uchu Nippon Swing”


Las Dos shares his new release titled “Uchu Nippon Swing.” The Okinawa, Japan-based producer flips a nostalgic jazz sample into something new in lo-fi fashion. From blaring horns, solemn strings, and bouncy drums, he delivers the goods.
This track is from his upcoming album 11 on April 20th.




Blossum – “Colours”


Denmark based producer/musician Blossum shares his newest effort “Colours” with us. A funky guitar-laden soulful piece that is ripe with lush and alluring textures.








LXXPZ‘s”KAGE” is a 9-minute mix of a bunch of lofi beats. From the crispy and dusty textures with punchy drums to the choppy offbeat sounds. The mix is quite engaging.
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Dude – “Trickery”


Dude flips the script on his new release “Trickery” where he blends cinematic textures and heavy bass trap vibes.

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