It won’t be fair not to show love to the cats that work behind the boards. Cats whose soundscapes help push hip-hop to loft heights. So in the same vein, this weekly list sheds light on budding and even established producers who continue to push the envelope for the culture. So sit back relax and get familiar with these producers.
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Kode Eye – “Swan Song”

Emerging producer Kode Eye starts up the playlist with his blend of feudal japan infused track. The track is very soft and the build-up is quite interesting. He doesn’t try to overdo the production and keeps it pretty subtle for the most part.



American Teleport – “When the Days Get Longer”

Nashville Tn based producer who goes by American Teleport makes his appearance with this soothing piece titled “When the Days Get Longer.” He layers a handful of instruments from a solemn Hammond b3 , moody synths, airy arps, and leads over a soft groove. This is pretty solid as it infuses the Southern Gospel vibes with Lo-fi sensibilities

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Johny Holiday – “Infinito”

“Infinito” by Johny Holiday is a heartwarming instrumental that infuses the emotions of saying goodbye to a loved one. The lush synths and organs are neatly infused over the subtle percussions and make for a solid combination.
Johny Holiday is a Swiss DJ and Producer from Basel. The visual is cool too and features an unknown individual riding his bike through the woods, highway, and then some.
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Harmic – “Prolog (Instrumental)”

Harmic comes through with “Prolog (Instrumental)”, a cinematic piece that has haunting choir vocals. and hard-hitting drums to match a gripping 808 section. It’s very vibrant and well crafted too.
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SP83 – “Street of Dreams”

“Street of Dreams” by Russian producer SP83 is a gritty hard. hitting boom-bap gem that feels like something out of a horror flick. From the dark ominous strings and layered textures, the track hits the nerves from the instant you hit the play button. SP83 is a Moscow member of a team of Russian beatmakers doing boom-bap hip-hop. “Street of Dreams” is a track from the third part of the Boombap Busta release, which will be released on cassettes soon.
The full release is available here: Get it on Audiomack


toru – “dive”

toru really takes it up a notch with his new release titled “dive”, a reflective beat that blends atmospheric synths and glitch elements. The lush textures do take the cake here and shine through like never before.

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Dyzzy x J Ave – “Hallucinate”

Dyzzy and J Ave share with us “Hallucinate.” The beat has more of an emo-trap vibe with its sparkling synths and leads, the 808s sure fits the drum arrangement as well and make for a solid listen.

This is taken from the instrumental ep I Hate Emotions which recently came out July 17th. Get it on Apple Music//Deezer//Spotify



Spinmont – “Morning Walk”


Chi-town’s Spinmont comes through this week with another lovely gem “Morning Walk” that blends soft guitar riffs, lush textures, and lo-fi vibes.
He’s using this release to promote the #wearamask campaign and encouraging his audience to make a donation to @Musicares. “Morning Walk” is taken from his latest EP, Convalescence, which was created during his recovery from COVID-19. Get it on Apple Music//Deezer//Soundcloud




CACTUS ERECTUS – “Sounds like a dance party but no one is dancing” (Twin Peaks Special edition).


CACTUS ERECTUS is the Bulgarian solo-project of Anton Dimitrov (founder of the label bluff.corps). On its new release “Sounds like a dance party but no one is dancing” (Twin Peaks Special edition), they showcase their eclectic and experimental approach to beat making with layered sounds, vocal snippets, and ominous sound designs. “Sounds like a dance party but no one is dancing” is taken from the album THE VOID TAPES released on bluff.corps records.



Cut Norris – “Solytude”


Cut Norris ‘s “Solytude” is a moody, solemn beat that sonically represents the struggle mindstate. The ominous strings tug at the heart and build up into a burst of melancholic vibes
The title is a wordplay between solitude and the nickname Soly from his hometown Solothurn.  Get it on Apple Music//Deezer




Soufend Music – “See You Again”

“See You Again” by Soufend Music is a smooth hazy beat that is made for chilling. The lush guitar riffs and laidback grooves sure put the mind to rest as it progresses into a hypnotic vocal laden chorus.
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Carl C Beats – “Dawn”

Swedish based producer Carl C Beats appears for the first time on our list with a piano-laden beat titled “Dawn.” The track is neatly layered and each instrument shines on its own merit and doesn’t sound too rowdy.




defbymisadventure – “pas beaucoup”


The ever working defbymisadventure closes out the list with a vibrant, moody track titled “pas beaucoup.” he uses a vintage sounding soundscape that sounds like something out of a 70s B-movie and layers it over mellow drums. It’s pretty interesting as he adds some nice switch-ups and changes to keep it more engaging.

Get it on Spotify.

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