Hip hop crew Belles in Monica have today released their new EP ‘Natsukashii’, the follow up to April’s “Y’All in Meltdown”. The 10 track project is a pot pourri of cinematic and dramatic soundscapes peppered by dense lyricism and a myriad of subject matter as well.
Out on New Dawn Records who relaunched this year after a 15 year hiatus, journeys are taken to the dark underbelly of inner-city drug squalor in “Smoke-Filled Rooms”, industry machinations are exposed in “That All U Got?” while the booming production of “Skitzophentic” provides the backdrop for a tirade against generic conformity.
“Venom” attacks multimedia’s clandestine misinformation schemes while the mood is switched in “Hip Hop”, a funked up, sample-laden ode to the culture. A soundtrack incorporating tight eclectic beats, turntablism and cinematic themes concludes as the final credits roll with “Resistance is Futile”, a bonfire of the vanities in a metaphorical dystopia.
Smoke Filled Rooms (’18 Edit}
Smoke Filled Rooms (’18 Edit instrumental)
Skitzophonetic (’18 Edit)
Skitzophonetic (’18 Edit instrumental)
That All U Got? (’18 Edit)
Timebomb (’18 Edit)
Hip Hop (’18 Edit)
Hell’s Gain ft Scheer
Resistance is Futile (’18 Edit)
“Natsukashii” available to download and stream from the following

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