We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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CHASE STEPHEN – “leaf szn”

Chase Stephen opens up this week’s list with a reflective beat titled “Leaf Szn.” The mellow instrumental is ripe with dreamy guitar plucks warm textures, and sound designs from nature. It’s quite soothing and serves as a perfect backdrop to just relax to.


CGI dog – “light in the bunker”

CGI dog is a Los Angeles based project by producer/artist Chris Cubbison. The producer goes for an off-kilter, experimental style on “light in the bunker” and mixes a myriad of cinematic sounds and musical elements to make this unique beat.


AMIDO – “Blank”

Japanese instrumentalist/producer AMIDO makes his way on our list with this piano-driven piece. There are so many twists and turns on this one. It’s very soothing and reflective too.
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Johnboybeats – “Comfort”


Johnboybeats returns with this aptly titled beat “Comfort” where he blends soft piano riffs, dreamy textures, electric guitars, and much more. Another solid effort from the man himself.
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Complx Baysixx – “SunsetGazing”

Queens NY based producer Complx Baysixx drops a groovy beat titled “SunsetGazing” for our list. An interesting mix of driving textures, soft drums, and nostalgic jazzy horns to match.


Simplistic Scientists 木火 – “New Hip”


Instrumental group Simplistic Scientists 木火 showcase their new release titled “New Hip.” Their style is eclectic and takes elements from hip-hop, Japanese folk music and more. This beat in particular has a lofi/hiphop feel with its dusty textures and live instrumentation.
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Emmanuel Styles – “Feel the Beat”


“Feel the Beat” is a piece by producer Emmanuel Styles who crafts something mellow and bouncy. It has a mix of trap and R&B sensibilities.
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KOLA – “Waiting….”


Straight out of Montreal, Quebec, we got KOLA who makes a solid entry on our list with the smooth head-nodding beat titled “Waiting….” I totally dig the soft snapping drums, lush instrumentation and neo-soul-type vibes here. Totally dope from top to bottom.
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First.Owl – “Voyage 1”


First.Owl takes us on a surreal trip on the release titled “Voyage 1.” From the ethereal textures and swirling synths, the beat is quite a mind trip.
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Adithya – “River Jasmine”


“River Jasmine” is a soothing and reflective piece by Adithya and it’s quite refreshing. The sampling and layering is really out of this world and gives the listener a feeling of nostalgia and solemnity in many ways.



Repeter T and the Loopmasters – “Cosmo Train”


Producer/rapper Repeter T and the Loopmasters share “Cosmo Train” a short piece that is as funky as they come. From the rousing drums, jazzy textures, and more, this is solid all the way.

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Peter Thermometer -” Tune From Jupiter”


Peter Thermometer‘s production on ” Tune From Jupiter” caught our ears and we just had to share. The head-nodding drums, glitch effects, and soft tones are totally dope.
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defbymisadventure – “traffic inbound from space and….”


defbymisadventure‘s new release “traffic inbound from space and….” chops up a classic reggae track and he sure gives it something different from the other versions I have heard. Nice chops and groove as well.
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Cosm -” Open Your Eyes “(Big O Instrumental Remix)

Cosm flips ” Open Your Eyes ” by producer Big O. The beat here is very reflective and lush. The layering is adequate and strays from adding too much unnecessary elements.
This track is from the Iron Statue Instrumental LP that was released on 10th Jan 2021
Instrumental LP is available from the Hollow Sun Bandcamp page.


ToatieMadeIt – “Cicada”


ToatieMadeIt is a new producer who splashed on our radar and her new release “Cicada” was what gripped us. The style is eclectic and punchy, interesting choice of instruments too.




defbymisadventure – “cyanide”


defbymisadventure appears one more on our list with “cyanide” He makes use of a somber cinematic sample and vocals from ODB and Heath ledger’s Joker and more to good effect. It’s a bit strange but has that classic 90s boombap mood all through.
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Behind The Beat – “Cerebration”


I must admit that “Cerebration” by producer Behind The Beat is a bit odd. The sample placement is off in a weird way and the drums are a bit soft but in reality, these elements make it unique.
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Colleen Wang – “Ye” (Burna Boy Cover)

Colleen Wang makes her second appearance and she goes for something different. she reimagines “Ye” by Burna Boy and gives it her own twist. she uses the violin as the main melody on this one and the result is superb. Totally unexpected but brilliant all the way.


Moonchild – “Wise Women” (Remix by VinnieLooper)


“Wise Women” gets a remix by VinnieLooper who fuses jazz/hip-hop in a seamless fashion. This is solid from start to finish.


Mdsmith64 – “Slide Away”

Mdsmith64 gets into the moody somber zone on “Slide Away.” The laidback drums and lush guitar runs are quite alluring and add to the introspective feeling of the track.
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Big O – “Frm aH Boy 2 aH Man”

Big O closes out the list with something soothing titled “Frm aH Boy 2 aH Man” He keeps it simple too, with solid punchy drums, moody textures, and soft percussions to close it out.

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