It won’t be fair not to show love to the cats that work behind the boards. Cats whose soundscapes help push hip-hop to loft heights. So in the same vein, this weekly list sheds light on budding and even established producers who continue to push the envelope for the culture. So sit back relax and get familiar with these producers.
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Hugo Cottu – “Sun’s Rainbow”

Hugo Cottu‘s “Sun’s Rainbow” is a guitar driven piece of art that is both nostalgic and reflective. Very smooth arrangement from start to finish. Hit the play button and get familiar.



NOGYMX – “Need You”

Galway, Ireland based producer NOGYMX (pronounced no-gimmicks) comes through with an exotic layered release titled “Need You”.  The track takes inspiration from both downtempo, lo-fi elements and oriental instruments. A pretty unique beat if you asked us. It is taken from his new project titled Locus. Get it on SpotifyBandcamp


Glimlip, Leave – “Yucca”

Glimlip is far from a newbie on TWIb and has always gifted us unique sounds from time to time. On his new effort titled “Yucca”, he blends the warm sound of the classic rhodes with groovy off-beat drums to make a solid laid back jam that would relax your soul and then some.

Get it on Spotify, Youtube

Rob Blake – “Made Different”

Producer Rob Blake shares his new instrumental single titled “Made Different” with us. A very cinematic piece built on gripping orchestral strings, hard-hitting boom-bap styled drums, and ominous vocal samples to complete the cypher. “Made Different” was recently used in a short film by J&B Whisky telling the inspiring life story of South African entertainer DJ SBU. “Made Different” is taken from Blake’s album, ‘Soul Funk and Electric’, out now.

Get it on Spotify


Luxx Bones – “Deal”

Luxx Bones is a Producer/Multi-instrumentalists and visual artist from Puerto Rico. His newest release is an experimental piece titled “Deal”. The track is highly layered and emotion-laden with smooth reflective keys, heartrending strings and a whole lot of era grabbing elements. The dynamics do change up every now and then and keeps the engagement on high from start to finish.
Check out more of Luxx Bones on Spotify.


Luchito Carrera – “The Jackl’s”

Luchito Carrera ‘s new release “The Jackl’s” is pretty imaginative. The style has a blend of solemnity, joy, and unpredictability. The layered style is pretty solid too so hit the play button and get familiar.

Bio: From the second release from Luchito Carrera, a mysterious tune that encompasses electronic, and hip hop roots.





Duneboi – “don’t reach”

Duneboi returns with his unique style of malleable production on his new release titled “don’t reach”. He blends a bit of electronic and organic elements on this one while keeping it mellow for the most part.



Slap Serif – “Almost Lost”

Slap Serif‘s new release “Almost Lost” samples a classic Gil Scott Heron piece and switches it into something new. While the majority of the classic song is solemn, Serif takes it into another zone on an upbeat note.
“Almost Lost” is a track off of Slap Serif’s new surprise album ‘You Should Feel This’, a project that combines hip-hop, house, and a crate of obscure records into a fully-realized vision.


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