It won’t be fair not to show love to the cats that work behind the boards. Cats whose soundscapes help push hip-hop to loft heights. So in the same vein, this weekly list sheds light on budding and even established producers who continue to push the envelope for the culture. So sit back relax and get familiar with these producers.
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Fool Parsley – 1060.

We start off this week’s top 10 list with a debut jam from Philipp Sánchez aka Fool Parsley. The Vienna, Austria based producer takes us to his humble beginnings on this beat he calls “1060”.  Crafted using only analog gear, Fool Parsley blends lush synths and keys in solemn tones to really drive home the nostalgic effect of reliving the past. The multi-instrumentalist used an EKO P200 synth, bass, piano over mellow drums and the result is solid from start to finish.

Get it on Spotify.


Lexisugar – You’re Beautiful.

Lexisugar (real names Alexander Akpan-Ita) delivers a dreamy reflective beat he calls “You’re beautiful” on our list this week.  The track has more of a laid back R&B fused with some hip-hop vibes.

 The song/instrumental can be streamed on all platforms, and/or can be leased to any interested artist for partial ownership. Visit HERE for more info.



DefByMisadventure – no.5.

DefByMisadventure returns with another beat for us. He calls this “no.5” and it starts off pretty nifty. We hear a lot of percussions on this one which serves as the backbone of the beat a sit switches every now and then from the guitar riffs to obscure vocal samples. Being a benevolent producer that he is, he also gives us an insight into the origins of the beat by proving the sample source courtesy of Gypsy Kings. It’s quite engaging so hit the play button.

“no.5” is off his upcoming  EP called ‘Fuck La Mancha‘.



Radicule. & Dweeb – Schooter.

Radicule‘s works have been a staple on our site and his new collaboration with Dweeb carries on the tradition. Titled “Schooter”, the track carries this innocent, nostalgia-inducing vibe with its layered instrumentation and laid back drum groove. The concept behind it is a hot summer day with kids going gaga when they hear the sound of the ice cream truck to fire hydrants flowing free into the streets, and heat wafting off of MTA buses amongst other things.

“Schooter”  is off the album  ‘Sesame Kids‘. Get it on Spotify




PRODIJVY – “Ascending Tier”

PRODIJVY goes into the gloomy side of things on his new track titled “Ascending Tier” with a dark trap instrumental with a beat switch up in the last section of the track. This track showcases the versatility of the young music producer hailing from Washington.



Glimlip, Yasper – “Katana” feat. Soul Food Horns.

Rotterdam based producer Glimlip’s newest release “Katana” sees him working with a handful of instrumentalists from guitarist/keyboard player Yasper to Saxophonist Soul Food Horns. Together the trio crafted a very soothing enthralling track that is rich and multi-layered with solid hard hitting drum behind it all.
Glimlip is inspired by the likes of Flying Lotus, Mndsgn and Samiyam.



Hania Obeah – “Goldfish Ballet”

“Goldfish Ballet” is Paris based multi-instrumentalist Hania Obeah’s newest release that showcases a plethora of styles. Blending jazz, lo-fi elements and hiphop, “Goldfish Ballet” takes the listener through the emotions with its enthralling keys and dynamic chord progression. He further explains that “The piano line of the song Goldfish Ballet was captured in one take and is an expression of the soul in contemplation of the harmonious movements of peaceful Goldfish.”After a few years touring the country in different bands, Hania Obeah is now working on a solo project that serves as path to retrieve oneself through a more personal genre.




Tieran – Golden Hour.

MC/Producer Tieran makes his way on our top 10 list with his new instrumental titled “Golden Hour.” A smooth alluring jam that is nostalgic and relaxing at the same time. The Columbus-based artist delivers a lo-fi gem that is built on smooth keys, snappy drums, and a throbbing bassline to match. “Golden Hour.” is taken from his new lo-fi inspired instrumental album titled ‘Sunday’. A befitting tribute to the first day of the week.

Get it on Spotify, Listen HERE





Red the Chef – “Is This It?.”

Red the Chef is a versatile producer from CT who pops up on our list with his new single titled “Is This It?.” The laid back song has a very reflective and soothing vibe with its smooth keys and emotion-filled textures.

The song is the title track of his new EP which you can get here on Apple Music and Spotify below

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