Western Sydney-based RnB artist A.GIRL makes her debut on TWIB with her new single titled “2142”. The title refers to the postcode of her neighborhood and details a story about the happenings in that area. Backed by a solid groove and arpeggiated guitars,  A.GIRL delivers a melodic laced rap-styled flow that floats effortlessly over the smooth backdrop (produced by  Taka Perry).  A.GIRL shows a unique style that fuses her experiences with alluring energy as the track samples the actual recording of a young woman depicting the challenges people face in that area. She further states that the song truly serves as an anthem for not only the 2142 residents but also for everyone who has been through similar challenges.

A.GIRL is the moniker of 19-year-old Hinenui-Terangi Tairua. Although she calls Australia home, the connection to her family’s Maori homeland of Te Hapua in the north island of New Zealand runs deep. When she’s not writing and recording music, A.GIRL volunteers for the OzHarvest Food Bank, where she helps deliver food to people in need across Western Sydney. In the coming weeks, A.GIRL will reveal an accompanying video for ‘2142’.


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