Producer Ta-Ku just served us another batch of high potent material in the form of this EP Songs To break Up To. His work ethic is inhuman, I tell you: after dropping the hard hitting DOWHATYOULOVE and a collaboration project with Raashan Ahmad, you’d think he would slow down for a pit stop, but think again boys and girls.

Songs to break up to is exactly what the title says ;gripping,emotional,often dramatic and everything that comes with heartbreak or anything related to said matters. Ta-ku meshes soulful samples along with atmospheric/dreamy textures which give off some type of distant and melancholic feeling throughout most of the EP. I must add that this project is heavy such as it reaches in and tugs at your heart( my mind actually wandered off for a bit but never mind) so go cop the album and support dope artists such as Ta-Ku.

My goal was to produce a cinematic musical journey for the broken hearted. A concept EP that would hopefully resonate with different people for different reasons.

Artwork by Samuel Johnson

[wpsharely]Purchase Songs To Break Up To: Bandcamp[/wpsharely]

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