Chicago, IL-based rapper Blac Kami returns with Iron Essence 2, the follow-up project to Iron Essence which was released 2 years ago. The new 9-track body of work continues where the first edition stops and takes it further with compelling storytelling, vivid rhyme schemes and banging instrumentals to complete the mission.

“Score” is the opening track and helps set the tone with its cinematic and soulful aesthetic. The production is rich and engulfing while Blac Samurai’s smooth flow and insightful lyrics like “If my life was a movie, this will be the score/Soundtrack to my life, I thought you wanted more/I knew I was changed, I knew I was growing/Had to trust in my faith instead of fearing the knowing” are a match made in heaven. This is followed by “Motion”, a smooth vocal sample-driven piece ripe with reflective themes exploring self-growth and constant motion even during downtimes. Here, Blac Kami holds nothing back and shares with us his failings but more importantly how he found his true calling by being dedicated to the music and cultivating a work ethic that can only lead to success. “HER II” is an ode to the hip-hop culture and homage to Common’s classic song. Here, Blac Kami employs a soul-jazz backdrop to accentuate hip-hop’s finest attributes and he proceeds to tell us how she changed him for good. His take is quite relatable and follows his journey as a fan and practitioner in the culture. On “Fly Forever” he teams up with longtime collaborator T.E.E and together the duo deliver an inspirational and motivational track that audiences can use to push themselves out of the doldrums. The track is bolstered by a surreal and dreamy soundscape made up of choral vocal samples, lush pads and a bass-driven drum groove that has earworm aesthetics while the duo drops more than a handful of gems for us to live by.


“Loyal” featuring Sunchiyami is the quintessential love-themed track and sees Blac sharing his thoughts on finding that special someone who is down through thick and thin. Blac’s vivid storytelling is impeccable here as he delivers a cohesive tale of blossoming love while asking the pertinent question of how loyal one can be. “Vegeta” is a bouncy and playful track where Blac Kami shows off pure bravado as he flexes on the detractors and naysayers expressively and stylishly while “Holy Ghost” continues the flex with exquisite rhyme schemes that take audiences into his world where hard work has allowed him to build his life in his image. The project switches into a sombre and mellow sphere with “Bag III”, a crunchy and dark boom-bap track that showcases Blac Kami’s no-holds-barred style while the final track “All In” helps close the project on a reflective note. The production here is quite engaging and cinematic, while Blac Kami’s social commentary on self-growth, the need to have integrity and a go-getter spirit will always push one beyond the haters. As the title says, Blac Kami is all in and he is poised to win.


At 9 tracks, Iron Essence 2 is 2 tracks shorter than its predecessor but notwithstanding, it still offers refreshing takes on topics such as self-belief, love, loyalty and the standard verbal jousting. The production is stellar and hard-hitting and Blac Kami does justice to the beats with his laidback impassioned flow and easy-to-digest songwriting.





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