The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Pavy – “Being Single Is Complicated”

South Side, Chicago emcee Pavy pours his heart on wax in his new release titled “Being Single Is Complicated”. Over a soulful and mellow backdrop, he takes us through the dynamics of a blossoming relationship and with one foot in and out, things get more complexed than what he envisioned.



Al Jamar – “The Cook Up” Prod By Dee Jay Sight


Atlanta emcee Al Jamar serves up the verbal heat in his latest release titled “The Cook Up”. Bolstered by the gritty and menacing soundscape courtesy of  Dee Jay Sight, Al Jamar holds nothing back with the bars and takes us deep into his underground lab where he cooks up the verbal crack to whet the appetite of his clients.




Raelle – “Falling”.

Raelle delivers  “Falling”, the second release from her EP. The record is a laidback, horn-driven piece  that showcases her distinct vocal runs and songwriting as she takes us deep into the mechanics of love and how it truly changes one’s perspective over time.



Godard – “MAYBACH”.


Emerging emcee Godard takes us on a ride in his “MAYBACH”. The track is made up of cinematic textures of pads, synths and vocal samples with rousing drums all underpinned by the rapper’s stylish performance. He changes up the flow every now and then as he takes us on an epic audio journey.


Fortunato x Sean One – “Stop This”.


Fortunato and Sean One return with “Stop This” taken from the new collaboration album Blue Collar 2. Fortunato takes the opportunity to flex his mic skills with brazen braggadocio battle raps over Sean One’s punchy and moody backdrop.


Ryan LaCour – “Call Back”

Singer/songwriter Ryan LaCour pours adulations on his lady in “Call Back”. A sensual and sublime track that showcases his soothing melodic style and vivid songwriting detailed in emotional imagery.



Mupream – “Morning Glory Seeds”


Baltimore MD-based rapper Mupream goes back in time in his new release titled “Morning Glory Seeds”. Over a soulful piano-driven backdrop, he reflects on his past and how he has moved on from his past life.

P Rhymes – “Life After Death” (Prod. by Volk Gz)


West London Lyricist P Rhymes makes his entry on our site with”Life After Death”. The insightful track sees him contemplating the duality of life and death. Over the melancholic piano-driven backdrop provided by Volk Gz, P Rhymes takes us through what his life entails and the craziness that lies within.


Sienna Samuel & Sam Gallaway – “anything”

The duo of Sienna Samuel and Sam Gallaway share their collaborative effort titled “anything”. The vibrant pop-infused R&B track is bright and made up of a club-ready backdrop and smooth melodic runs that are both catchy and sultry.





Denver, CO-based rapper CONFUSHANE? gifts us with his off-kilter style in his new single “MAD?”, the production is quite experimental and edgy. The sizzling synth-basslines and moody sound design are underpinned by punchy drums and layered guitar riffs and dark textures. Armed with his distinct flow and a knack for unorthodox lyrical schemes, the rapper shows us what really makes him tick.


538st – “Nike Headband”.

Canadian genre-bending duo 538st  is made up of brothers Sam and Jake Cooke and they caught our ears with their new single “Nike Headband”. The track is playful and bright and sees the duo having fun in the sun as they go about their business with their Nike headbands and headphones on. The chorus is quite catchy and the lyrics fully paint the picture for listeners.


Omar Awbu – “Grateful”

Michigan-based rapper/producer/attorney Omar Awbu shares his new single titled  “Grateful”. The reflective track talks about being grateful for every little thing that comes our way. Over the moody and warm backdrop, Omar reflects on the ways we all can get lost in the mix but with a clear mind and content spirit, one can move through hardship.



NeyQuam – “Say It Again”

Jersey-raised, Brooklyn-born rapper/songwriter NeyQuam shares the new single “Say It Again”, a smooth heartfelt track that is reflective. Over the R&B-infused backdrop, he takes time to share his love for a girl who caught his eye. He is joined by a singer who delivers a sultry and alluring hook to complete the job.


Jalen Frazier – “PRAY THEY DON’T” (feat. Sheldon Sabastian)

Jalen Frazier teams up with Sheldon Sabastian for the new collaboration titled  “PRAY THEY DON’T”. Bolstered by the epic and moody backdrop provided by Buffalo New York producer Gr4aff, Jalen delivers a detailed lyrical display ripe with bravado and engaging schemes. He is joined by Brampton Ontario rapper Sheldon Sabastian who adds his own 2 cents to the record.




Jamar Carr – “Holy Ghost” (feat. D. Thompson & Nate Black)

Jamar Carr returns with his new single “Holy Ghost”, a heartfelt track that sees him in his element. Over the punchy vocal-sample-driven backdrop, he shares a vivid account of his life and how he balances life with religion in his own unique manner. He is joined by longtime collaborators D. Thompson and Nate Black.





Hak Black – “When Autumn Blows”.

Hak Black shares this uplifting single “When Autumn Blows” for our playlist. The track is an open letter to Hak Black’s younger self and offers him relief through a bad breakup. Over the soulful and relaxing backdrop, he delivers a heartwarming performance that affords listeners some much-needed comfort.




Alichè – “Rewind”


Alichè pronounced (aa-lee-shay) caught our attention with her new release “Rewind”. The Florida-based singer delivers this experimental R&B/soul track that is both alluring and soothing. her sultry vocals take precedence and flow seamlessly over the sublime backdrop laid before her.


Blac Kami – “Young OG”

Blac Kami gives a candid take on being a “Young OG” in his new single. The production is a nice blend of lofi/soul with boombap drums and sees the rapper reflecting on his journey as an artist. The track is the lead single from his forthcoming project titled Iron Essence.




Stephen Hero – “Boulders”.

Hardworking Canadian rapper Stephen Hero is carrying the proverbial “Boulders” in his new release. Over a sombre texture and punchy drum grooves, he shows us what makes him tick.


Jorj Sabio x Graver – “Premonitions”.

Jorj Sabio and Graver team up for this laidback soulful jam titled “Premonitions”. Over the sublime guitar plucks and dreamy textures and head-nodding drum groove, the artist deliver a solid performance that pairs insightful lyricism with earworm melodic runs. The song is written, produced and recorded by Jorj Sabio and Graver, with mixing and mastering by Dom Anca and featuring trumpet from Sam Jenkins.

LIAHUS – “Dive in the Water”.

North Jersey, LIAHUS is a songwriting, rapper/singer, and mixing engineer. His latest release “Dive in the Water” is a reflective look at a toxic relationship and garnering the strength to move on to other things. Over the brooding backdrop, he delivers a smooth melodic performance ripe with unapologetic songwriting.


F.ACE – “Dear God”.

UK emcee F.ACE sets the tone with this insightful and solemn track titled “Dear God”. The soundscape is cinematic and moody and sees the rapper penning an open letter to God as he laments about the harsh realities of life where nothing is promised.

G Smoove – “Alien Boyz”

G Smoove returns with a new single “Alien Boyz” which showcases his stylish flow and love for hard-hitting soundscapes. Over the moody punchy backdrop, he gets into his bravado steez and sends shots toward the opposition.

The Lost and Found Music Group – “Same Name”

Musical collective The Lost and Found Music Group share a new single “Same Name” which dives into the delicate relationship between a father and son from the son’s perspective. The production is melancholic and atmospheric and the lyrics are quite heartwrenching as the rapper digs deep to reveal some intimate information about the fledgling relationship between the father and son.


Pat App – “Rally Back”

Indianapolis raised/based Hip-Hop artist Pat App‘s newest release “Rally Back” is a heartfelt and uplifting track. Over a moody and somewhat solemn backdrop, Pat App implores listeners to find that inner strength to overcome daily struggles and obstacles. He acknowledges the tough times ahead but with determination and willpower, he gives us the impetus to bounce back from setbacks while chasing after long-term goals and dreams.

Joe Rodwell x Gambit Ace x Oriana Curls – “Honesty”

“Honesty” is a soul-infused hip-hop collaboration from producer Joe Rodwell, chanteuse Oriana Curls and hip-hop/rap artist Gambit Ace. The track is ripe with lush textures and warm basslines with snapping drums that blend with Oriana’s sublime vocal runs and Gambit Ace’s laidback flow and heartfelt lyrics that dwell on being stuck in a situationship.


Mr. Phormula x Guilty Simpson – “Safe Bet”


Wales emcee Mr. Phormula links up with veteran Detroit emcee Guilty Simpson for his latest single titled “Safe Bet”. Straight from Snowdonia to Detroit, the duo expertly weave verses over a thumping boom-bap style beat courtesy of Mr. Phormula who makes use of classical music elements to create the pounding soundscape. Guilty Simpson set it off with his gruff and laidback flow followed by Mr. Phormula’s high-pitched flow delivered in the Welsh language. “Safe Bet” is out everywhere via Mr. Phormula Records!


Rico James x Rhinoceros Funk – “Pump This”

Vermont-based producer Rico James and NYC College Professor/Rapper Rhinoceros Funk implore us to “Pump This” in their latest collaboration. Over the grimy and off-kilter backdrop provided by Rico James, the rap professor delivers a power-packed performance ripe with graphic and ear-grabbing lyricism.



Immunsystem – “Also Bitte!”


German rapper Immunsystem comes through in the crunch with “Also Bitte!”, a classic boombap infused track with pop sensibilities. Over the right guitar-laden backdrop, he delivers a fiery performance in his native language.

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