Soulection presents Sankofa EP by AbJo, the first in a series of releases from a diverse selection of artists from all over the world. Sankofa will be available from tomorrow, for now here’s the preview. Soak in the smacks.

Sankofa means “to return from where you came from”, and also to re-complete the cycle, the same cycle you’ve been completing since your soul has inhabited this existence. Sankofa resembles a soundscape that ranges fromFuture-Soul, Jazz, Eclectic-Fusion, Hip-Hop, & Deep-Thought sounds that trigger your mind into the thought of whatThe Sound of Tomorrow should sound like. AbJo designs a sound visual that incorporates heavy snares, hi-hats, future-drums, vintage-pianos, timeless-samples, & crisp synths that bring out your roots.

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