The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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J Cru – “Writer’s Block”.

J Cru enters 2024 with “Writer’s Block”, a reflective and heartfelt tune that talks about overcoming personal hurdles and breaking through runt and achieving goals.



Money Montage – Stoner Sessions (feat. Dizzy Wright, Chris Crack & C Plus)”

NY-based Producer/A&R/Manager Money Montage shows us how it goes down behind his “Stoner Sessions“. The cypher track features Dizzy Wright, Chris Crack and C Plus. The double single release also has the track “It’s Goin Down” featuring Trizz and Dizzy Wright.





Alice Russell – “I See You”.



British Actress/singer/songwriter Alice Russell shares her new single “I See You”, a sublime and emotionally punchy track that focuses on the topic of perseverance. The piano-led ballad is ripe with her commanding vocal runs and uplifting lyrics that explore the process of overcoming adversity.



StillJune – “Rockin Wit” (feat. Dizzy Wright)

StillJune teams up with Dizzy Wright for  “Rockin Wit”. The track is a showcase of skill as the emcees deliver insightful and relatable themes that center on the ups and downs of being young and black in America.



Eyeven – “yea a little stress”

Eyeven drops into our playlist “yea a little stress”, a smooth piece made up of sublime textures, pulsating basslines and hushed drums underpinned by the rapper’s vivid storytelling.



Que K – “Pay the cost”.

Que K is ready to “Pay the cost” in his new release. The track has a dark and moody texture and snapping drums which fits his stylish and expressive flows and rhyme schemes.


L.Zeda – “Wos I Soid”.

Upper Austria rapper L.Zeda caught our ears with his single “Wos I Soid”. The mid-tempo jazz-infused boombap track captures his Austrian roots, personal humour and laidback expressive flow. Here, he also reflects on some real time issues ranging from the modern capitalistic system we live in and the fast-moving consumer-oriented era we live in.




Ceydees – “Solar Plexus”


Singer/songwriter Ceydees delivers this sultry and seductive piece titled “Solar Plexus”. The laidback mellow track sees her flexing her gripping vocal range and unapologetic demeanour as she displays her sultry demeanour.



Zeke – “In Time”


Cartersville, GA-based producer Zeke delivers this heartfelt tune “In Time”. A smooth soulful piece is ripe with warm textures, hypnotic grooves and unfiltered bars that dig deep into the rapper’s art and personal experiences as a young man trying to find his footing.





Kendrick Lamar – The Heart Pt. 4 (Remix by Kamal Wilson)”.


Kamal Wilson jumps on Kendrick Lamar‘s “The Heart Pt. 4 “instrumental to share his own stories. Over the solemn backdrop, Kamal gives us glimpses into his daily struggles and how he manoeuvres through it all with persistence.




Mike Martinez x Will Taubin – “Quality Art Paintings” prod. by Will Taubin

Mike Martinez and Will Taubin craft “Quality Art Paintings” in their latest release. Bolstered by the rich cinematic backdrop provided by Will Taubin , Mike paints vivid imagery with his high-quality rhyme schemes and paced flow. The track is taken from their 7-track project of the same name.






Chuck Brown x BISON.FC x Sankofa – “Never Know” prod. by Stormiweather

Chuck Brown teams up with BISON.FC and Sankofa for this heartfelt collaboration titled “Never Know.” Bolstered by the sombre, melancholic backdrop  by Stormiweather, the emcees reflect on the detrimental effects of drug addiction.



Vynus – “Yellow Light”.

Vynus is a multi-talented singer/producer/songwriter whose new release “Yellow Light” caught our ears. The smooth dance/pop/R&B infused jam is hypnotic and alluring from start to finish. The vocals are sultry and have a warm soothing feel and the lyrics are insightful as well.




TYE – “Dancin’ Wit The Dead”.

TYE steps into our playlist with his latest release titled “Dancin’ Wit The Dead”. Backed by a punchy drum groove and haunting strings, the emcee display his lyrical prowess and flexes his skills on the microphone.


MJ Duke – “Toxic Clouds”.

“Toxic Clouds” is a heartfelt and uplifting tune from singer/songwriter MJ Duke. Over a dreamy, jazzy and atmospheric backdrop, the singer delivers an insightful and encouraging performance that captivates listeners and implores them to bask in the moment and live their lives.



$hyyguyy – “440”.

Staten Island-based artist $hyyguyy delivers this smooth summer jam titled “440”. The soulful piece is ripe with engaging story telling from the emcee as he shows us what happens in his stomping grounds.



Rod$ta – “Void”.

Rod$ta‘s “Void” is a heartfelt track that explores the many things people tend to use to fill their void. The track is made up of a ush guitar sample and sublime textures, thick drums that fit his melodic flow and heartfelt lyricism that explores the topic in detail.



Finn Dizzle – “Screw Tha World”

Rising rapper Finn Dizzle pours his true thoughts in his new release titled “Screw Tha World”. The track is made up of a soulful and dreamy soundscape underpinned by his vivid story telling and mellow flow. He gives us a glimpse into his childhood and his daily struggles as a young black man.


Scott D – “Umpteenth Time”.



LA-based rapper Scott D shares his candid thoughts for “Umpteenth Time”. The collaboration is with producer Soundmason who laces him with a soulful and upbeat backdrop. The rapper reflects on real-time issues ranging from daily experiences, balancing life with art and engaging references. The track is also interwoven with interview snippets of jazz legends Oscar Peterson, Dave Brubeck and Lee Morgan.



Leif Riggs – “One Day” (Produced by InsaneBeatz)


Leif Riggs serves us with this insightful piece titled “One Day”. Over the anthemic soundscape produced by InsaneBeatz, Riggs delivers an impassioned performance ripe with bravado and vivid imagery that gives listeners a glimpse into his reality and the experiences that shape him through this thing called life.


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