On his latest mix-tapeNeo Noir, we get to hear rapper/producer Zilla Rocca flow over unorthodox instrumentals from several producers while he recruits a handful of wordsmiths(e.g Has Lo, Dewey Decibel et al) to join in the fun. While this is the first Zilla Rocca full length project I’ve listened to besides his various singles and collaborations, the result is typical him.  Gritty, hard-hitting, cinematic and somewhat futuristic soundscapes make up most of the tape–Zilla Rocca throws in a spoonful of wit and humor to balance things out while still dropping gems.

This is not an in-depth analysis, I’m just telling it like it is. Find out for yourself–tune in and get with the program.

Last words: “…You do the work for the doing…..If you don’t enjoy the doing then do something else

NEO NOIR is the first Zilla Rocca mixtape since 2008’s “Bring Me the Head of Zilla Rocca!” and the first to be pressed up on cassette. Vaunted leftfield facemelters get blammed up with apperances from doseone (Anticon), Wrecking Crew (Has-Lo & Curly Castro), Elucid (Armand Hammer/Cult Favorite), PremRock, and Dewey Decibel (Bold New Breed).

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