Zilla Rocca and the Shadow Boxers can do no wrong at this point. Their latest release No Vacation For Murder is nothing short of cinematic epicness (yeah I said it). The off kilter emcee brings a handful of features on this 12 track audio trip, names like Roc Marciano, Has-Lo, Open Mike Eagle, Camp Lo‘s Geechie Suede etc. The backdrop is edgy and surreal, coloured by an enthralling retro vibe.

Hit the play buttton and get with the program.

The soundtrack to this hardboiled “Noir-Hop” universe is largely handled by Blurry Drones. Responsible for producing the first Shadowboxers album in its entirety, his musical choices are decidedly more sinister, lo-fi, and rock-oriented this go-round. Producer Floodwatch hops into the fray with the impulsive “Hot Head Freddy” and the airy internalized“Stainless Wisdom.”ST/MiC tackles the vulnerable long goodbye of “Wishing You Asleep”. Fellow Wrecking Crew member and frequent collaborator Has-Lo builds a pipe bomb on “Young Blood”: relentless drums, shrieking guitars, and a steely-eyed guest shot from Roc Marciano. Has-Lo pulls double duty rapping on both ”Shoot The Piano Player” and “47 Ronin” alongside Curly Castro of Wrecking Crew/Man Bites Dog Records. Other notable guest shots include Open Mike Eagle crooning on “Human Dominos” and Camp Lo’s Geechi Suede on the barrel blasting anthem “Chi-Town Drumroll.”



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