D.C. based emcee Scorcese and his beat-maker accomplice, Chicago’s Griff share their love for comic books on their new single titled “Marvel Vs DC.” The track is bolstered by Griff’s dark and vibrant production which adds a cinematic feel to the theme of the song.

Scorcese is also joined by Philly’s Zilla Rocca and both emcees treat us to a plethora of comic book references for hard-nosed fans. From name dropping fictional cities and planets to supervillains and then some, we get an all-out verbal battle between characters from both Marvel and DC universes. It’s quite interesting as well with the way both emcees go about it with their rhyme schemes linking everything from Wally West, writers like Alan Moore, Jim Lee to the destruction fuelled Frank Castle.

Hit the play button to really enjoy this one. Totally recommended for all.


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