Here comes Phlow again with another material for us to start the year with her with. In case you have not been paying attention, Phlow is the fierce emcee from the west of Africa; Nigeria specifically. She has been super consistent with the music and getting better with her flow and sound without comprising the lyricism necessary to deliver a stelar body of work. Gloria EP is what we have been gifted and the 6 song project defines Phlow to the letter. This body of work is more melody driven but still holds strong with the hip hop elements. As I listen to her, I quickly compare her consistency and rise with Jamla’s Rapsody as they both somewhat have similar patterns and manoeuvre almost the same way musically. Notable mention goes to Maka, Scarlet and Khandie for lending their vocals to this project. Check out the EP and big shout out to Teck-Zilla for putting this together and particularly Roguewave for co-producing the stand out track for me which is 5 Pages.

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