After announcing their final project as a group last year, the legendary UK hip-hop group  Foreign Beggars close with a project that takes them back to where they started. While it was a hard pill to swallow for fans, the project was bittersweet and cemented the group’s legacy as one of the greatest to ever do it. Now with each member moving on to respective endeavors, PAV4N takes the lead as he drops his new single “KARMA” from his forthcoming solo project.  Known for his bold lyricism and versatile style, PAV4N already laid the foundation as the frontman of  Foreign Beggars and now charts a new course on this new cut where he takes it back to his Indian roots intertwined with the classic hip-hop elements. Over a vibrant and cinematic backdrop by rising Leicester producer 2NV, PAV4N blends rapid-fire flows with conscious lyrics as he takes the listener back to the essence of his true self.

The visuals were shot in Vrindavan, Mathura, and New Delhi by Bombay Arthouse who help bring PAV4N’s lyrics to life with a very expressive and eclectic video. They use the beautiful landscape, magnificent temples and the broody slums to parallel the multi-faceted lives in India. We get to see different aesthetics as opposed to just a singular view thus making the viewers experience a wide variety of emotions. He is also joined by creative/photographer Anushka Nadia Menon who brings an unfiltered style into the visual mix.

PAV4N is currently preparing to kick off a series of live shows with a launch event starting in India, then hitting the UAE, UK, and the USA.


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