The hard-hitting vocal laden track “DOOM”  by Foreign Beggars frontman Pav4n gets the visual treatment and its mind-blowing.

Backed by the booming beat by underground production legend Sukh Knight, PAV4N delivers a fiery performance as he goes forth to break down the centuries age structures made by man to suppress us. PAV4N  is still sharp as ever with the pen as he takes on the rest of 2020 with righteous destroyer energy akin to Shiva and Kali. He acknowledges that the powers that be have made used of this pandemic to carry out nefarious activities from capitalizing on health issues to make a profit and making laws to keep the common man on the dirt but he is not having any of it and uses his platform to shed light on the current situation.

The visuals are quite stunning and just writing about it doesn’t do it enough justice. From the mythical aesthetics, colorful costumes and effects, PAV4N fully represents his Indian roots in a very enthralling and unapologetic manner.

“DOOM” is the 3rd solo release from PAV4N and the vinyl will be out on the 21st of this month. It’s available as a limited run on PAV4N’s website, the lavishly-made saffron and blue 12 inch vinyl comes packaged in stunning artwork from Osom Studios and photography by award-winning Indian photographer Mitsun Soni. It features two A-sides, ‘DOOM’ and 2020 FE DEAD, with both tracks dropping digitally before then, alongside accompanying music videos.

This special release also marks the beginning of PAV4N’s new record label 4NC¥ (@4ncurrency), which is dedicated to breaking records from new talent and seasoned artists alike. 4NC¥ will focus on the cross-pollination of Indian and international artists through collaborative projects. Speaking of the label, which launches 20th July, PAV4N says:

“I want to create a global platform for incredible artists and to connect scenes from around the world. With so much societal division and now heavy restrictions on travel, breaking these boundaries and subversion through unity is even more important now than ever before. My dream for 4NC¥ is to facilitate meaningful exchange so artists can break new ground with their careers on a global scale.”


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