Los Angeles based artist Sophia Diane delivers a soul-soothing single aptly titled “Meditate” which explores the need to take a break from all the dramatics life could throw at you. Armed with a unique, alluring vocal tone, she approaches the topic from a determined viewpoint, having gone through all the emotions, she decided the best thing for her is to take time off to re-energize her soul. The use of the atmospheric backdrop is perfect and sure augments Diane’s honeyed vocals and soothing melodies.

“Meditate” is taken from her upcoming debut EP Bear With Me. The EP is a 7 song project that makes good use of her greatest strengths as an artist: A gift for storytelling and an ability to freestyle allowing us a direct insight into her thoughts and feelings. Get “Meditate” on all platforms here.

Sophia came up in the small town of Burlington, Vermont with a humble personality, but hungry for what the industry offered. Born to a family of musicians, she began composing at age 8. Over the years, She has released singles and collaborative projects with local artists through SoundCloud and YouTube before later archiving most of the projects because of a growth in her branding. Sophia took 3 years off from the business to rediscover herself before forming a permanent decision to move to Los Angeles in September 2017.

Keep up with Sophia Diane  | Soundcloud: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram

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