“2020 FE DEAD” is another anthemic jam from PAV4N and producer Sukh Knight as they continue their ongoing emcee/producer collaboration and it’s a follow up to the previously released single “DOOM.”

Once again Suk Knight sets the perfect backdrop with his heavy grime infused style layered with haunting vocal samples, anthemic brass stabs, and a slapping bassline to match. PAV4N, as usual, is in his element and goes on a verbal onslaught against the powers that be. With lines like “…To whom they selling our data/ how long will they be taking the piss?…”  PAV4N looks at how technology has been used to data-mine our minds for years.

The physical copies of the single are out now on PAV4N’s own label 4NC¥, the lavishly made saffron and blue 12-inch vinyl comes packaged in stunning artwork from Osom Studios and photography by award-winning Indian photographer Mitsun Soni.

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