NPR studios take us back to the 90s as they host legendary DITC member O.C on their newest Tiny Desk feature.  As expected O.C comes through with classic cuts from his extensive catalogue which is augmented with live instrumentation from jazz outfit Soul’d U Out, and an appearance by fellow D.I.T.C. member, Lord Finesse. Need we say more?

The set list runs through the new, old and classic cuts that would surely bring wide smiles across faces of die-hard fans.  He sets the tone with “New Day” off his recently released “Same Moon Same Sun: A New Dawn LP” and goes down memory lane with the DITC posse cut “Day One” with Lord Finesse in tandem.  This is followed by the classic verse from “Return of the Crooklyn Dodgers” and the oft-sampled signature cut “Time’s Up” before wrapping things up with “Born 2 Live,” .

That record hits the hardest and provided a glimpse into the life of a rapper who’s been consistently delivering dope music for nearly three decades. Before delivering the first verse of the Word…Life cut, O.C. says that he “always feels happy and sad” when he performs the record. For those unaware, he wrote and recorded the track following the death of a close friend in Baltimore. While this brought about a clearly somber vibe to the performance, the mourning quickly turned into celebration as O.C. and the band put their all into it performing “Born 2 Live.” It was a fitting end to a stellar Tiny Desk Concert, and one that crowd will certainly remember.


O.C.’s latest project, Same Moon Same Sun: A New Dawn, is now available through all digital retailers and streaming platforms via Slice Of Spice/DITC. Stream/Download (Smart URL): HERE

Set List:

• “New Day”
• “Day One”
• “Return of the Crooklyn Dodgers”
• “Time’s Up”
• “Born 2 Live”

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