Do you guys recall the initial news at the beginning of last year on how J Dilla‘s record collection was going to be for sale by the founder of the entire collection, Jeff Bubeck (owner of UHF Records in Detroit)? Well, according to Egotripland earlier this year, after a public outcry from the fans he decided to give them back to Ma Dukes, who then decided to sell them through a weekly of sales on Ebay. The collection, which featured ‘test pressings, personal recordings, personal items, tapes, along with a large portion of the record collection’ were not a part of the deal.

Back in December, the Dilla estate mentioned that they were going to be releasing some unreleased material, which ended up being titled, The Lost Scrolls (which you can now purchase over at Fat Beats). Now, you can hear how it all has come to pass by listening to NPR‘s Glynn Washington as he interviews Ma Dukes as well as Jeff Bubeck on his show, Snap Judgment. Click play above.


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