Neak is back with a vivid representation of his new self-produced track titled “FIGHT”. The single deals with inner turmoil related to life struggles while trying to find peace. Over a gripping cinematic backdrop, Neak paints a graphic image of a man fighting for his life, not literally but figuratively. Weighed by personal fears and maybe doubts, he looks within himself to rise through the doldrums but it’s sure not an easy task to accomplish.

Accompanied by live guitar from George Wundsam of ‘Deep Fayed,’ the lyrics and production pull on the heartstrings of humanity to create this simple conversation: “What in life are you fighting for as time continues to pass by? It’s a question that this song highlights as Father time continues to roll on and on. The visual is directed by Irv Vaz and focuses on Neak as the central character who looks towards a better tomorrow while facing the challenges of today.

“FIGHT” is off Neak’s new self-produced album “KWESBAAR.” // Available on all major streaming platforms below.

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