The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Randy Mason & Ganesboro – “The Narrative”


“The Narrative” is a collaboration between Randy Mason and Ganesboro who team up for a hard-hitting bar-heavy tune. From the gritty backdrop and graphic imagery, the result is a brilliant joint rap head will enjoy

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Lee Laamaj -“Wayside”


Lee Laamaj digs deep into his emotions on the heartfelt single titled “Wayside.” Over a smooth somber and punchy backdrop, he delivers a sultry and alluring performance steeped in relatable lyrics.

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EndorfinBeats & Mike Titan – “Hard Way”


EndorfinBeats and Mike Titan team up for the lyric-driven “Hard Way.” Bolstered by the soulful and punchy backdrop, Mike Titan delivers a solid performance ripe with vivid lyricism.

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Charlotte Branson – “Hold the Gun”


UK vocalist Charlotte Branson caught our ears with her new single “Hold the Gun.” A heartfelt and rousing piece that explores forbidden love between two individuals and follows how both fight against the growing opposition and run away from all the people that disapprove of the relationship. Branson sure delivers on this one with a solid vocal presence and honest lyrics.

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SY x JAHMED – “Andale”


SY and JAHMED are about success and goals on the hard-hitting collaboration titled “Andale.” Over the bass-heavy cinematic backdrop, both emcees proceed to share their hustle mindset with the rest of us.

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Earl Hondo – “Sunday Dinner”


Earl Hondo shows us a glimpse into his life and family via the “Sunday Dinner.” Over a moody and sublime backdrop, he paints a vivid picture of his family tree and the dynamics of being different but overall the love still remains. The song speaks to the often strange transition of diverting from the expectations of family and walking in one’s own path. Regardless of decisions or lifestyles, the family always has each other’s back.

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Cee – “Relentless” ft. Jonathan Emile


Cee‘s “Relentless” is a statement and sees the rapper reminding us that he is in his element and determined to reach the apex. Over a cinematic and urgent backdrop, Cee delivers an impassioned performance with a go-getter mindstate and is joined by longtime collaborator Jonathan Emile who ties it up on the chorus.

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Awethu – “Elevate” (Feat. Lee-Roy)


Awethu teams up with Lee-Roy on “Elevate.” A moody and trippy track made up of solemn piano chords, bass-heavy backdrop, and vivid lyrics ripe with bravado elements.

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Gnabilane – “Go Go”


Rising rapper/songwriter Gnabilane brings untethered fiery energy in her new single “Go Go.” She employs an upbeat and energetic backdrop to showcase her unapologetic style ripe with vivid lyrics and a memorable hook to match.

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tha Joint – “Build Not Destroy” feat. Neak & JMNOP (Produced by Slot-A)

Tha Joint shows us how to “Build Not Destroy” alongside Neak and JMNOP. The uplifting joint is produced by Slot-A and it sure hits the mark with the crunchy drums and soothing textures that fit the rapper’s reflective and bravado-laden lyrics.



G Smoove – “Unbreakable”


G Smoove comes in blazing hot with “Unbreakable.” A mid-tempo dark track ripe with moody and solemn textures and heavy lyrics that dwell on his own tribulations and strong will to overcome the hurdles laid before him.

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Coherent – “Swamped”


Coherent remind us of the situation on the ground in his new single “Swamped.” Over an ominous backdrop provided by Hiright, Coherent details the daily struggles we all face in this current dispensation with the advent of Covid-19, new policies, and social unrest. He doesn’t mince his words and implores us to always stay guard at all times.
The single is taken from Coherent’s Sink or Swim EP.
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Maniacal x Jamar Carr – “State of Mind”


Maniacal and Jamar Carr team up once again for another gem of a track titled “State of Mind.” Over a solemn piano chord and punchy drum groove, the emcees deliver evocative lyrics that dwell on determination and the need to have the right state of mind to achieve one’s goals.

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TUBBZ – “Can’t stop It”


UK emcee TUBBZ shows us the level of determination he possesses in his song “Can’t Stop It.” He makes use of a somewhat moody and solemn backdrop, he brings us close to the action as he shows us how laser-focused he is in achieving his goals.



Sorce Manifesto – “Pulitzer Prize Penman”


Sorce Manifesto‘s new release “Pulitzer Prize Penman” samples “LumberJack” by Tyler the creator and sees the rapper delivering hard-hitting bars over the dark and bass-heavy backdrop laid before him. The single serves as a prelude to his wind-inspired upcoming project titled Shoot the Breeze.

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Osi – “Hold On Me”


UK artist Osi shares a mellow reflective tune titled “Hold On Me” on our list. Backed by a chilled, hypnotic backdrop, he delivers a sultry melodic performance that grips the ears.

Derrty D x B. Jones – “Spades”


“Spades” is the new collaboration from Derrty D and B. Jones. The result is a mid-tempo soul-infused track ripe with unapologetic lyrics and a melodic chorus to match.

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Coop MB – “Long Time Coming”


Emerging rapper Coop MB makes his entrance on our site with “Long Time Coming” a mellow and reflective tune that sees the rapper detailing his struggles and work ethic in this crazy game called life.

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Drew Skeyewalker – “Remote Location”


Drew Skeyewalker‘s new release “Remote Location” is a soulful and groovy jam ripe with vivid lyrics that detail his daily activities away from the stress of the world.

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Chase Taylor – “Lemon Squeezy”


Bay Area, Northern California-born, Denver, Colorado-based rapper Chase Taylor shares his new single “Lemon Squeezy.” The heartfelt track is him pouring his emotions on wax on a number of issues from his own self-douts, naysayers getting up in his ear, and his own growth in time.

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Dessireé – “Sway”

London, UK alternative musician Dessireé caught our ears with her new release “Sway.” The jazz-infused soulful jam is ripe with her gripping melodic runs and evocative lyrics. It’s quite sultry and unapologetic.


Shed Light – “So Blessed”

Boston, Massachusetts-based MC Shed Light closes out this week’s list with “So Blessed.” A heartfelt reflective piece that sees him appreciating the blessings conferred on him by God. Over a somber soulful backdrop, he takes us through the downtimes and how he found strength from the highest in order to overcome the adversities.

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