The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Samara Cyn – “Auto-Pilot”

Samara Cyn is on “Auto-Pilot” in this herb-influenced soulful record that explores the mind of someone struggling to cope with the hardships of life. Over a sublime and atmospheric soundscape, Samara delivers a soothing and ear-grabbing performance ripe with relatable lyrics that dive into herb-assisted coping mechanisms in an unforgiving world. “Auto-Pilot” is a soulful and thought-provoking track that speaks to the struggles of our modern world.



The Black Buddhist – “Ladders”.


The Black Buddhist is climbing “Ladders” to a higher plateau in his latest release. The track is a lush guitar-driven tune that sees him finding a way to soak the daily stress away. He takes us through his preferred methods and while some might not like it, it works perfectly for his inner peace.



Figgy Baby – “Once the Dust Settles”

LA-based internationally-touring rapper, dancer/community builder Figgy Baby shows us what happens  “Once the Dust Settles”. The track is a solemn and insightful dive into life as it is and the craziness of trying to find a perfect balance. Armed with his distinct flow and unapologetic lines, he implores us that he is going the extra nine and prays we don’t fall between the cracks.



Rah Cashiano – “Up Your Rank”

Rah Cashiano’s “Up Your Rank” is a bravado and epic tune that displays his lyrical prowess and street-savvy demeanour. He makes use of a dark and menacing soundscape as his canvas and the pictures he paints are vivid and immersive.




Lemar French – “Moving Stars”

Lemar French gets into an introspective mode in “Moving Stars”, a sombre piano-driven tune that gives listeners a glimpse into his hood.




KID TRAVIS shares a new single “WHITE FLAG”, a smooth pop-infused R&B tune that details past trauma from a toxic relationship and how he has to carry these skeletons into a new relationship. The track is quite engaging nd showcases his vocal range and versatile approach that takes elements from different genres.


Ant Valentine – “Pain”

Ant Valentine’s “Pain” is poured out on this hard-hitting and insightful track. Over a moody and sombre soundscape, Ant gives listeners a tour into his troubled life and the hurdles he had to face and the many struggles he had to survive.





Chuck Liaison – “Take Me Home”

Bay Area-based Korean-American rapper/songwriter Chuck Liaison caught our ears with “Take Me Home”. The soulful track sees him paying tribute to his hometown, the people and experiences that shaped him into the man he is now. The smooth piano-laden tune is perfect for his fiery flows and vivid lyricism that paint a nostalgic picture of his life.






Nadeem Din-Gabisi x MettaShiba x Coby Sey – “Splash”

Nadeem DinGabisi, MettaShiba and Coby Sey team up for “Splash”, a heartfelt and reflective tune that tasks listeners back to the good old days.



Official Business – “Lets Go”

Official Business delivers an anthemic record “Lets Go” that is purely feel-good vibes and motivation-filled. The Compton-based rapper gives us a glimpse into his hood and the craziness of dealing with life as a young black man.


FlexpackFACE – “Proud”

Emerging rapper/songwriter FlexpackFACE feels “Proud” in this upbeat uplifting tune that reflects on his journey and the many hurdles he had to jump over. He is joined by Luv who adds his distinct melodic style to the vibrant record.




Neak – “God’s Vision” Feat. Add-2 & Elisa Latrice

Neak presents “God’s Vision” as his mantra. The jazz-infused record produced by Rashid Hadee captures the importance of being led by a higher energy beyond one’s intuition leading to success and finding one’s true purpose. He is joined by Add-2 and Elisa Latrice who both add their distinct styles to the track. Add-2 digs deep and details his directed movement in an unforgiving world while Elisa adds a soothing melodic performance to complete the job.


Abraham Westlund – “Let Me Down”.

Abraham Westlund’s “Let Me Down” is a pop-infused record that dwells on personal struggles through a toxic relationship and the journey he had to endure to find himself again. He makes use of a solemn piano-laden backdrop and peppers it with his engaging melodic flow laced with insightful and relatable lyrics.



Simari T – “CHEMISTRY”

Simari T gets into the mood with “CHEMISTRY”, an adulation-filled tune that sees him focusing on the lady that caught his eye.


Childhood P x Rigz x ItsNeux x Moto The Chef – “Timezone”


Childhood P goes global with his aptly titled single “Timezone” featuring Rigz, ItsNeux and  Moto The Chef who represent the USA, Switzerland and Japan respectively. Over the cinematic and menacing soundscape, the trio takes listeners on an epic journey with their vivid lyricism. The track is taken from the Cold Work EP, listen to it HERE.



Bravado Bard – “Window Cleaner”

Bravado Bard‘s new release “Window Cleaner” is an aspirational and uplifting tune that explores the concept of humility and having a strong work ethic. Over a bouncy and bright soundscape, he takes time to reflect on his time as a window cleaner who is focused on his grind as he pushes on from day to day.

Perea – “Eternal Road”

Spanish lyricist Perea makes a grand entry on our list with this hard-hitting track titled “Eternal Road”. The sombre and gloomy track is made up of snapping drums, and moody piano riffs and peppered by his animated and impassioned flow.

2WO 4OUR – “Can I Live – Live”

2WO 4OUR share “Can I Live – Live”, a hard-hitting single that details the struggles and ups and downs while hoping for a better future.

mvte – “Piggy bank” remix Ft Pete Sayke”


Emerging rapper/songwriter mvte returns with “Piggy bank” remix featuring Pete Sayke. The original was released in 2020 but this revisit takes it up a notch with its jazz/neo-soul aesthetics and relatable topic that dives into the daily struggles people face in the crazy unpredictable economy and life.

M. Aundre – “Altered State”.

M. Aundre digs deep inside to find his true North in this heartfelt and reflective record titled “Altered State”. Over a spacey and atmospheric soundscape, he gets into introspective mode and details how he invests his time in the things that matter and acknowledges his failings but his willingness to improve and be better will always be at the forefront.

Harrison Noble – “HONEY”.

Melbourne Australia-based rapper Harrison Noble pours his candid thoughts on “HONEY”, a heartfelt song that details two individuals who are trying to build a relationship but due to internal issues, they have some hurdles to overcome to make it a reality. The backdrop is solemn and soulful and Noble’s nuanced storytelling sure gives it an engaging perspective.


Rally 4 Reality – “Camouflage” (prod. Otto Suits of Manipulated Mindz)”


Rally 4 Reality takes us deep into the crevices of the dark city in his new single “Camouflage”. The boom-bap track is laced by Otto Suits of Manipulated Mindz who crafts the perfect canvas for the duo S.I.N. (Survival In Negativity) & Tru Thoughts‘ graphic and engaging rhymes.

Yung Senju – “Urgent-C”.

Yung Senju’s “Urgent-C” is a call to action for us all to get things done before our number is called. Over a sombre and cinematic soundscape, the rapper implores us to take action and put regret to the side

Matlock – “Too Easy”

Indie rapper Matlock delivers a soulful and heartfelt record titled “Too Easy”. Over a chilled soulful soundscape, he gives listeners a reflective and relatable jam that they can grow on.

Sequoyah Faulk – “Eardrum Death”.


Sequoyah Faulk‘s “Eardrum Death” is a reflective and gloomy tune that explores the rapper’s trauma from an ear infection and the concept of finding perspective in the greater picture. Inspired by his personal issues and the disaster in Turkey, he looks at his situation and sees it pales in comparison and finds a true reason to push on and stop self-pity.

M Geez – “Fat Boy”


M Geez’s “Fat Boy” is a purely lyrical display of skills. Over a bouncy guitar-laden soundscape, the rapper delivers a fiery performance ripe with wordplay, engaging rhyme schemes and off-kilter references to boot.

Chima Anya – “Muscle Memory”

Chima Anya‘s new single “Muscle Memory” is taken from the new album When will I learn and it focuses on the concept of learning. The jazz-infused record is as insightful as they come and his vivid lyrical schemes break down how we all live and learn through actions as opposed to the widely perceived notion that it’s all cerebral.

Kevin Ross – “Show & Prove”

Award-winning singer/songwriter Kevin Ross delivers this sublime melodic-driven tune titled “Show & Prove”. The track is an emotion-fuelled love jam that details the dynamics and heightened emotions of blossoming love between two individuals. He embodies the spirit of a lover who is ready to be present physically and emotionally instead of hypotheticals in romance.


Enzo RR – “U Me & Patron”.

Indie rapper Enzo RR caught our ears with his melodic raps on his new single “U Me & Patron”. The production is bouncy and smooth, his performance is stylish, and his intense rap cadence sure is different and engaging.

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