Emerging rapper MVTE caught our ears with her new single titled “Raven’s Story,” a conceptual track that sees her giving viewpoints from 3 different characters. The track has a punchy and somewhat sparse backdrop which allows MVTE’s impassioned vocals to really shine. she lays out a compelling tale of a Raven the pregnant lady, her cousin, and Drea who claims Raven’s baby daddy is her lover. From the looks of it, it doesn’t seem pretty and the situation gets compounded as Raven is determined to keep her relationship while Drea is going all out to sever it. In the meantime, the cousin is caught in the middle trying to get Raven to leave the cheating baby father.

 The visual is engaging and portrays MVTE’s acting chops where she brings 3 different personas on the screen. I like the color aesthetics that is offered to the different characters as well. Also, watch out for the cliff hanger at the end where someone got shot but we don’t know who.

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