We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Kay Seeyen – “You’re Mine You”

Kay Seeyen thrills us with “You’re Mine You” a multi-sound beat that takes elements from chill-hop, dance, soul, and experimental elements. From the somber strings, alluring vocal chops, and smooth bouncy drum grooves, Kay gives a solid and dynamic track that we all can rock with and appreciate.

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Ogi feel the Beat – “Next Step”

Ogi feel the Beat shares something from his old stash and drops this new beat titled “Next Step” on our list. The track is extremely mellow and laidback. He makes use of sparse arrangements of synths, dark keys and a sharp bass riff to complete the job

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notbrian – “gotyourquiet”

New Jersey, raised producer notbrian shares his newest piece “gotyourquiet” on our playlist. His style is quite eclectic and he brings a lively vibe to the fore, from the trippy pop guitars, somewhat moody textures, and drums. It’s quite engaging and reflective.

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Heston Brioche – “Questions”

“Questions” by Heston Brioche is a laidback soulful piece that is reminiscent of early 00s underground hip-hop. From the dusty keys, muffled basslines, and shuffled drum grooves to the overall lofi aesthetic, Brioche sure brings something new to the forefront

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HORIZON – “Stay The Same”

HORIZON is a Ukraine-based producer who shares his new release “Stay The Same” with us. The track is a chilled, soulful piece ripe with sparkling piano rolls, warm basslines, and a soothing texture to match.

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Groove. – “BundleUp”

Groove‘s newest release is a winter-themed bat titled “BundleUp.” It is built on somber and gloomy soundscapes, reflective horns, and soft piano tones that help heat up the winter aesthetic of this song.

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NT Beats x M Lane Beats x Gummy Beatz – “DUNGEON”

The trio of NT Beats, M Lane Beats, and Gummy Beatz team up together for this gargantuan beat titled “DUNGEON.” The beat is dark and cinematic, well-crafted, and bass-heavy as well.



Lo Fly – “Free People”


Lo Fly‘s entry on our playlist is a somber and ominous beat titled “Free People.” he makes use of eerie sounds, soft keys, and pitched-down vocals over a laidback drum groove.

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Johnboybeats – “Stream”

Johnboybeats newest release “Stream” is a soulful and relaxing beat that is ripe with horns, soft basslines, and spare drum patterns.
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Bell Weather Beats – “Cash App”

Bell Weather Beats caught our ears with this hypnotic trap beat ripe with soothing arps, trippy synths, and a heavy 808 laden drum groove.

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Ogi feel the Beat – “Collecting”

Ogi feel the Beat goes for a rustic and nostalgic vibe in his new release “Collecting” from the ethereal textures, lush guitar plucks, and retro synths, he brings something refreshing and soothing to the forefront.


Lasko – “Soft Light”

Producer Lasko’s “Soft Light” is a soothing hypnotic piece made up of solemn piano chords, ethereal sounds, and soft drums to match.

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Drew Harris – “Kalopsia, Pt. VII”

Chi-town producer/instrumentalist Drew Harris goes for an eclectic and offbeat vibe on his new release “Kalopsia, Pt. VII.” It’s a smooth blend of dark sounds, lush guitar phrases, and soothing textures.

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loophole x Pascal Paco Eugster – “Second Thought”


loophole and Pascal Paco Eugster deliver a solid jam session in the form of their new release titled “Second Thought.” From the slick guitar riffs, lush textures, and pulsating basslines, the dup deliver a soulful, nostalgia-inducing chill hop track we all can rock with.

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Mindless Meditation – “Abstraction”


Mindless Meditation delivers this reflective and soothing release titled “Abstraction.” A smooth blend of lush guitar riffs, reflective keys a steady drum groove, and the sounds of the ocean waves.

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Nick Truant – “Dream Yokai”


Greek producer Nick Truant presents the legend of the “Dream Yokai” on wax. The backdrop is ethereal and ripe with moody strings and plucks and sure plays into the Japanese mythological creature known as Yume no seirei, a mysterious yokai in Japanese mythology believed to cause nightmares.

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Pablo EskoBEAR – “Like it Was”

Pablo EskoBEAR brings the old and new in his new release “Like it Was.” He brings that heavy boom-bap drum with retro vocals and soulful guitar riffs to match. The style reminds me a bit of Grammatik as well.


gishfang – “Louie Astro”


Producer duo gishfang come through with “Louie Astro” a lush bouncy jazz-infused dance track that is eclectic from start to finish. The track is dynamic and builds up as it moves along with new elements coming in from heavenly horns, trippy synths and more. The title is a tribute to their close friend who passed away too soon and always planned to enter the music industry with this name.


PHL MRRY – “Sea of Thoughts”


PHL MRRY sails us through the “Sea of Thoughts” a sublime track that is heavily layered with strings, lush guitar riffs, cinematic sound designs, and nostalgia-inducing elements.

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Mvte – “Piggy Bank”


Mvte‘s”Piggy Bank” closes the list and it’s a moody and solemn piece that is as melancholic as they come. From the gloomy vocal melody and solemn piano riff to the trippy strings. The track is pretty engaging and expressive.

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