Here is a newly unearthed cut featuring Miilkbone and Joell Ortiz titled, Born Alone Die Alone. Unfortunately, this version was never officially released as part of any compilation. Fortunately for readers at The Word Is Bond, today we’re still able to present to you this polished gem.

What you will witness here are two incredibly talented and tenacious emcees which seem to have been torn from the same fabric. No hook, just a minute and a half of unrestraint with both artists skillfully and masterly interlacing their lyrics upon an absurdly melodious piano loop. A track aimed at all walks of life within this multi-faceted world of present day Hip-Hop. With the focus of their intended message clear within the intro of the track as Miilk asks Joell –

 “You ever been around like a million people, and still feel like you’re by yourself? Well, that’s how I feel man. I need ya’ll to feel my pain…”

Personally, this is the fiercest I’ve heard Miilkbone since I stumbled upon his 2013 submission for Tragedy Khadafi’s open verse contest or even his 2015 release, Voice of Reason which included the likes of Treach, Uncle Murda, Black Rob, Fred The Godson, Skrewtape & Chino XL. A veteran rapper from New Jeru who has come a long way since his debut in ’93 and currently shows no signs of giving up.

Yes, it may be true that he may of rose to fame through the significance of his affiliation with Naughty By Nature. With hit singles at the time like “Keep It Real”, it’s hard to not make this argument. Particularly, since it’s an era in Hip-Hop that is highly revered. Subsequently, some feel his presence in today’s Hip-Hop atmosphere has the potential to hold just as much importance as it once did. Given the revolving present influx of new rappers, this is very impressive.

Second on this masterpiece is bona-fide Brooklynite and Slaughterhouse alumni member, Joell Ortiz. A true survivor who’s foundation was built on natural talent and concrete work ethic. Observe how he draws you in with his invitingly familiar delivery. A flow which undoubtedly still resembles his likeness from the unforgettable classic, Hip-Hop which is off his ’07 debut The Brick: Bodega Chronicles.

Also, don’t forget to check out one of  Joell’s most recent joint efforts, the 2015 album Human with New Jersey producer !llmind which features guests Emilio Rojas, Bodega Bamz and Chris Rivers. Not to mention, a new Slaughterhouse album on the horizon… it’s also safe to say this New York native won’t be surrendering any time soon. As one of the only flags he’ll be waving, will be a Puerto Rican one.

Hard to believe this collaboration could have remained buried twenty thousand leagues beneath the street.


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