Welcome to TWIB’s Weekly Top 5 Videos. This is a segment where we will be looking at some exceptional visuals from various acts from around the globe. The music video format has been around for decades and through the 90s and 2000s, it has really taken flight from multi-million budget music videos, to mid to low-budget videos with exceptional features. In this section, we will not discriminate but rather highlight some of the creative visuals that pop up on our radar.







Conrad Jon – “08 Lebron”

Conrad Jon taps into the spirit of Lebron James in “08 Lebron”. Making use of a smooth melodic flow and expressive bravado-driven songwriting, he delivers a solid anthem over the sombre backdrop and the accompanying visual gives life to the track. It has a zany and somewhat dreamy vibe that pays homage to some retro movies with its smoky effects and entertaining set pieces.


Dax – “The Abyss”.

Dax dives into “The Abyss” in his newest record. The track is made up of a solemn and melancholic piano arrangement and cinematic texture underpinned by Dax’s heartfelt and introspective lyrics about self-doubt, depression and emotional pain. The visual blends his usual energetic performance style with engaging motifs that tap into the premise of the song.


Jamal Gasol – “Pride”

Jamal Gasol‘s  “Pride” is a solid gritty track that sees him teaming up with veteran Rico Tellem and uprising emcee GBlock Tez. The trio proceed to wreak havoc on the mic with their distinct flows and vivid lyricism over the edgy backdrop provided by  Sandy Solo.  The accompanying video (filmed by Matthew Synclair, edited by The Grey Area) captures the trio as they form a deadly alliance. “Pride” is taken from the United We Stand, Divided We Fall mixtape, which features all three artists. Production on the mixtape is handled by Solo, The Historian and Hiyah.


Trizz x Kokane – “Let Me Ride”

Trizz and Kokane bring us that classic West Coast summer jam in the form of their new collaboration titled “Let Me Ride“. The production is steeped in the traditional G-Funk aesthetic with thick drums, funky bass lines and lush textures and of course, stylish flows from Trizz with Kokane providing extra smooth melodic touches. The visuals were shot by Castro of NewHighFilmz. who help bring the head-nodding jam to life with its showcase of the West Coast tradition and capture the duo with the homies doing their thing and enjoying life.




The Only Carnell – “How U Been”

The Only Carnell aims to inspire us to chase our dreams in his new single “How U Been“. Armed with his stylish melodic flow and off-kilter rap schemes, he details the daily struggles he faces as he works his 9 to 5. The visual is directed by founder CLDROOM Aidan Caldwell who takes us on a journey with The Only Carnell. We get to see the rapper at his job and the many ups and downs and crazy antics he gets into.
Carnell made the song because he wanted to inspire others who do work at a regular job to go and chase after their dreams and goals.


DonoSpectacular – “Reaganomics”


DonoSpectacular teaches us a bit about “Reaganomics” in the modern era in this insightful and somewhat feel-good jam. The track has a summer vibe and sees the rapper employing a smooth melodic flow and tops it up with a memorable chorus. The visual has a DIY feel and uses performance shots of the rapper in his element. The track is indeed for that late night, sundown, laid back, top-down, riding through the city with the one


Spaceman Dela – “Jonah Hill” (feat. KIN)


Spaceman Dela teams up with fellow Montreal rapper KIN for  “Jonah Hill”. The bouncy track produced by Kurt Kanuck has a fun-filled and playful aesthetic and its filled with a melodic flow and bravado bars

The visual shot by Pronce Biersing and Lucky Goat was inspired by the classic Super Bad flick and we see the emcees and a diverse cast recreate scenes of the movie with brilliant results.


Stakz DeVito – “Peace to the Streets” Feat. Joell Ortiz

Stakz DeVito and the veteran emcee Joell Ortiz bring us “Peace to the Streets”, a sombre and reflective track that dives into the concept of changing one’s perspective and chasing true goals away from the negative. The track produced by the Heatmakerz is as cinematic as they come and both Stakz and Joell deliver heartfelt tales of their life. The visuals make use of cinematic aesthetics and performance shots of both rappers and its simplicity is what makes it engaging as well.


Zain K – Paradise (Video Version) (Remix by Zain K)”


Singer/songwriter Zain K delivers this heartwarming and uplifting tune titled  “Paradise”. The track has a soulful and dreamy vibe and is underpinned by Zain K’s soft and alluring melodic runs and his insightful songwriting. The video version is slightly different from the original and it has soft piano addition from long-time collaborator, Drea from Alabama, U.S.A. The visual has a nostalgic and solemn vibe and makes use of several performance shots of the singer and taps into the eternal message of finding true solace and peace.




Kevin Ross x Eric Bellinger – “Ready For It” Featuring Eric Bellinger



Kevin Ross helps wrap up the visual list with”Ready For It” Featuring Eric Bellinger. The track has s smooth instrumentation with head-nodding grooves and an overall warm texture that blends with the duo’s heartfelt lyrics and soulful melodic runs that detail the need for men to be intentional when dealing with women instead of being corny. The visual has an engaging style that uses performance shots of both artists in a single location.
“Ready For It” is the first single from Kevin Ross’ highly-anticipated Midnight Microdose Vol. 2 EP.

“Ready For It” ft. Eric Bellinger follows Kevin Ross’ Billboard Top 10 R&B Airplay charting songs “Look My Way” and “Sweet Release”, both of which broke multiple records in the R&B genre. Kevin Ross continues to champion R&B – as the first ever independent artist to break two singles in the Top 20 on Billboard’s Adult R&B Airplay at the same time, and with singles consistently charting in Top 20 R&B radio for over a year-long streak, all eyes are on Kevin Ross as he prepares for the release of his forthcoming EP Midnight Microdose Vol. 2.


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