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Nadia Venice – “Liquor Store”

Singer/songwriter Nadia Venice shares her new single “Liquor Store” which details her alcohol-induced coping mechanism. Inspired by her own experiences in the doldrums, she delivers a heartfelt and emotionally driven performance that everyone can relate to.


Taiyamo Denku x Sa-Roc x Joell Ortiz – “Dead’em”

Taiyamo Denku, Sa-Roc, and Joell Ortiz team up for “Dead’em,” a lyric-dense collaboration that true hip-hop lovers would love. Over the laidback soulful backdrop, the emcees go back and forth with vivid lyricism and stylish flows.

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BEEWARE and Angel-A – “It Is”


Chitown emcee BEEWARE shares the visuals for his song “It Is.” The soulful cut dives into real-time issues and the daily struggles of the black man trying to find his footing in this crazy world. He is joined by vocalist Angel-A who delivers a soothing melodic run on the chorus section.


Killer Crab Men – “Arrakis”


With the recent release of the classic sci-fi franchise Dune in the proper fashion, it is only right to get a different perspective from emcees. Aptly titled “Arrakis” Killer Crab Men take us deep into the Spice-filled desert planet of the same name where sandworms and Fremen‘s dwell.
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Corey Bernhard x Khemist – “Old York Rd”

“Old York Rd” is an insightful collaboration between two Philly artists, producer/composer Corey Bernhard and rapper/MC Khemist. The result is a cinematic piece built on gritty and moody textures that blend with Khemist’s vivid lyricism that draws listeners deep into the city of brotherly love.


Mugun – “Walking Street”


Emerging UK rapper Mugun comes through with his new single “Walking Street” which displays his vibrant rap style. Over a bouncy and driving backdrop, he delivers vivid lyricism peppered with youthful exuberance and a unique style.


Geesus Shuttlesworth x Statz – “Wmb”

Geesus Shuttlesworth team sup with Statz for “Wmb” a mid-tempo moody trap back that showcases the rapper’s unfiltered style and the visual is engaging as well.

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So Large – “Pre-Season”

UK emcee So Large is in his element on his new single Pre-Season” a hard-hitting unfiltered cut ripe with raw unfiltered lyrics. So large holds nothing back on this Mystery-produced beat and the visual is solid too.
“Pre-Season” is from his forthcoming EP. Get it on all DSPs here.

The Last Maven – “When A Man Sees Red”

The Last Maven shares visuals for his song “When A Man Sees Red” where he pours his frustrations on wax and his journey in this game of life. Over a moody backdrop, produced by TrackPros he gives listeners a graphic glimpse into his life and much more.
The visual directed by TenFifty is engaging as well. “When A Man Sees Red” is taken from his new LP Simple Hughes.

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Blackway – “Badman”

Ghanaian/American emcee Blackway shows us the true meaning of a “Badman” in his new single. Over KoKo‘s energetic backdrop, he delivers a solid performance ripe with an eclectic flow and vivid lyrics to match.

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Jesi – “Rat Race”

Hertfordshire-based rapper Jesi shares a heartfelt and insightful single “Rat Race” where he reflects on the struggles of being a young black man in the UK. Over a somber piano-laden backdrop, he shares his thoughts on the issue and gives the listeners something to ponder on.




Emerging rapper Statz dives deep into his life on the heartfelt single titled “FIREINSIDE.” Over a dreamy and nostalgia-inducing backdrop, Statz details his inner desire for success and all the hurdles he has to face. The track is produced by maineo fresh. “FIREINSIDE” is taken from Statz’s debut EP Love/Life.

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Dax – “Suffocating”


Dax shares visuals for “Suffocating” taken from his debut project. The piano-laden track sees him reflecting on the pressures of being famous. He looks at how things change as popularity rises and loneliness creeps in.

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Coconut Wolf & Erin Outfield – “Hell Lows & High Heavens” feat Blu

Coconut Wolf and Erin Outfield share their song “Hell Lows & High Heavens” with us this week. The somber track is as reflective as he delivers reflective bars about his childhood and he is joined by the veteran Blu who closes it out with a solid verse.

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Yung Rell – “Family Tree”

Yung Rell takes us deep into his life on the semi-autobiographical single titled “Family Tree.” Over a soulful backdrop, Yung Rell delivers a passionate performance ripe with vivid details of his family members and then some.

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Saif – “Bandana”

Saif comes through with a thought-provoking and bravado-laden track titled “Bandana.” He employs a soulful backdrop for his message and splices it with clips from MLK and Malcolm X.

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Leprodude & Tommy Walton – “Don’t Trip”

German producer Leprodude and London, UK rapper Tommy Walton return with their new single “Don’t Trip.” A somber, reflective track is ripe with moody jazzy textures and insightful lyrics about life’s journey, and much more.
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Paris Williams x Bloom Allen – “Sunsets & Solariums”


Paris Williams and Bloom Allen deliver this soulful single “Sunsets & Solariums” which is ripe with sublime backdrops and vivid love-soaked lyricism. The artists craft adulation-filled verses for their partners and a sublime melodic chorus to match.
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Cee – “Too Hungover” ft. Notion & D’Eve Archer




Cee shares the new song “Too Hungover” from his recently released album. The song sees him teaming with his brother Notion and singer D’Eve Archer for a smooth soulful jam we all can rock with. “Too Hungover” is the sexiest song from Cee’s sophomore solo album, “Relentless”.
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Lxvndr x Fortunato x Scrimige – “Pass The Mic”


Lxvndr , Fortunato, and Scrimige team up for this all bar fest titled “Pass The Mic” Over a somber piano and dusty backdrop, the trio showcases their pen game riddled with graphic imagery and a mantra-like chorus to match.

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Jeff Spec x Birdapres – “See Him Glowing”


“See Him Glowing” is Jeff Spec‘s newest release and sees him working with Birdapres for an eclectic and ear-grabbing piece. Over a retro-tinged gritty backdrop, both emcees deliver vivid lyricism and off-kilter bars. “See Him Glowing” is the lead track from the forthcoming album Foolish Immortals.
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bigHubb – “Forgot to make it”


bigHubb is in his go-getter mindset on his new song “Forgot to make it.” He makes use of a dreamy and moody backdrop to share his journey through this unpredictable game of life.

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CoeLorenzo – “LordKnows” feat. Maur Ki

CoeLorenzo gets deep into his trials and tribulation on his new single “LordKnows” feat. Maur Ki. Over a somber backdrop, he delivers an impassioned performance ripe with insight and reflective elements.

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